The Benefits of Strap Seals in Food Transportation and Storage

The Benefits of Strap Seals in Food Transportation and Storage

Posted by Steve Diebold

When it comes to tamper evident seals, strap seals are by far the most popular type, and American Casting & Manufacturing has one of the most extensive collections of both plastic and metal strap seals on the market. Strap seals have widespread usage in the shipping and transportation industries, particularly in the food-transportation sector.

Usage of Strap Seals for Food Transportation

When transporting food products, it is critical to ensure that the cargo has not been tampered with after the truck door has been closed. Hence, strap seals are an essential safety measure. This ensures that the items have not been tampered with or replaced after being loaded. For the same reasons, strap seals are a useful instrument in the field of tracking and tracing. It may be used to trace the origin of a shipment and verify that the correct goods are being delivered.

These functions can be marked on a seal in a variety of ways, depending on the type of seal. Barcodes, QR codes, and other forms of customized marks are only two examples; labels can be as complex as these or as basic as a few characters and numbers. In addition, there is a wide range of color labeling choices available when using strap seals. Any of these would give useful data for anyone in charge of transporting food products.

Truck doors, bulk box lids, bulk liquid tank caps and valves, and tank truck and rail tanker hatches and valves are all suitable options for sealing food cargo during transport. Each one is sealed with a strap security seal that cannot be broken.

Shipment and delivery records that contain product seal information are an integral part of any well-managed food safety program. If you are interested in establishing a seal tracking system, AC&M is available to provide assistance. Always remember that a way to tell if something has been changed and a way to keep track of it is very important for keeping our food supply safe.

Usage of Strap Seals for Food Processing and Storage

Strap seals have several functions beyond the transportation of food products. They are used in processing and packaging to regulate or secure items while they are being stored or transported within factories and warehouses. A plastic tote containing meat or fruit that has been washed and is on its way to the freezer or packaging station would be an example of this; the bag would be sealed to prevent unauthorized access.

Tanks, silos, and internal conveyors are just some of the huge storage facilities that may be secured with smooth pull tight seals designed to prevent the loss of raw materials and bulk consumables. Some examples of such closures in the food processing industry include valves, access hatches, doors, covers, and hoods.

Types of Strap Seals

Adjustable pull-up strap seals and snap-close fixed length seals are the two main categories of strap closures. While plastic is more popular than these, metal strap seals of a certain length have been used on truck trailers and rail carriages for decades, if not centuries, which we cannot just ignore.

Varieties in form, size, strength, and material types are all available for you to choose from. While all will give tamper evidence, some will do so with far greater flexibility in terms of labeling and personalization. In line with this, the traditional polyethylene circular strap seal is widely used in the food industry. Several varieties of these are produced by AC&M. The AP-50, the 9001, and the PS95 are the powerhouses of this group from our product catalog. Additionally, flat band pull-up seals are widely used for sealing raw materials in bags and for other applications where a more robust plastic is required. The PS-360 and DT-ZIP versions we provide are ideal for this task.

There are far too many variations of strap seals to cover thoroughly in this article. The good thing is that they are all available on our site, wherein we provide detailed guidelines and individual consultation to assist consumers in making an informed choice. We manufacture and distribute our plastic strap seals from our headquarters in Plainview, New York, where we have full control over every stage of the process.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have concerning our seals or the use of seals in your food transportation or processing activities. From farm to table, AC&M works with some of the world's largest food companies.

You may reach out to a professional that specializes in using seals at your convenience during regular business hours. Furthermore, you can contact a seal expert by emailing or calling 1-866-534-9043 in the US or 516-349-7010 internationally. For international sales and servicing locations, please visit