Posted by AC&M

Security in shipping is an important topic and one that is ever changing. Although the amount of cargo thefts are on the decline overall, the average cost of cargo theft is increasing. In other words, thieves are getting more money per theft for less work. Currently, it’s estimated that the average heist is valued at over $189,000, according to Fleet Management.

Cargo thieves historically targeted the more expensive loads, but as companies such as pharmaceuticals tighten their security and use more tamper evident seals, thieves are having to target less expensive loads. These less expensive loads are often food, drinks, and other common items. These are just examples of large scale, organized theft and don’t include smaller theft, which is also a problem for many companies.

The good news is that there are ways to thwart thieves, whether organized or individuals. Just as the theft of pharmaceutical cargo loads dropped as the supply chain tightened its grip, other companies can avoid theft in the same way.

American Casting & Manufacturing offers security seals for truck, rail, and transport cargo loads. In addition to pre-numbered heavy duty bolt lock seals, we offer items such as:

  • Adjustable length plastic seals to fit a variety of closure sizes
  • Fixed length cable locks
  • Adjustable length cable seals
  • Fixed length plastic security seals
  • Flat metal strap seals
  • Padlock seals
  • Seal tools
  • Tamper evident tape and labels
  • Wire and wire security seals

American Casting & Manufacturing understands that keeping cargo loads safe is an essential part of a business and helps to keep your bottom line in the black. Contact us for more information on the security seals we can provide for you.