Why Choose American Casting to Supply Your Seals?

Why Choose American Casting to Supply Your Seals?

Posted by Steve Diebold

If you are shopping for security seals of any type you have choices. AC&M is unique among all the sources for security seals you may find. We are a full-line seal manufacturer, under the ownership and management of the same family for four generations. Our singular focus is being the best in our industry.

Choosing American Casting & Manufacturing (SEALS.COM) is a smart decision. We offer significant advantages over other seal suppliers and here are a few of them:


We manufacture seals at our modern campus and headquarters in Plainview, New York. We control nearly all aspects of our seal production and delivery from that location -- in close coordination with our outside sales offices and representatives. We are not a distributor or reseller or importer. We are the original source and inventor of nearly everything we offer. Buying from us gives you direct access to the source, and a seamless buying experience.


AC&M is managed and staffed by experienced professionals. That includes the owners and officers of the company -- who for over a century have been hands-on owners. They work daily in every part of the operation. When you contact us there is a good chance you may be speaking with an owner or company officer. Whoever you contact here can get things done promptly for every customer. We have the corporate muscle to serve large global enterprises, but we also serve seal users of all sizes down to the single person enterprise.

Whatever your need, and regardless of the size of your operation, when you contact AC&M you are an important customer who has our complete and immediate attention.


We can help you seal whatever you need to protect.

Our wide range of products includes the most popular of seal types and some unique items only AC&M can provide. We offer plastic, metal, adhesive, wire, cable and bolt seals in a variety of sizes and types. We have seals from small and compact indicative seals up to high strength ISO Certified bolt and cable barrier seals. With the numerous combinations of models, colors, dimensions, types of marking and other options AC&M give you choices in the hundreds.


From raw material, to finished product, customer service, technical assistance, delivery and communication – quality is our priority. Thousands of seal users count on AC&M for reliability and superior product performance. We have a proud and long history of providing it. Our close-knit organization helps us to maintain quality constantly and react quickly to any situation. Even at the rare time when something may not go just right, our customers know we will make it right without delay.


While we have a comprehensive range of unique seals that can be customized, we offer most popular seal types for immediate delivery from stock. Our warehouse and rapid fulfillment staff have extensive stock of pre-marked seals ready to go. That lets you make immediate purchases online, by phone, or by email with ease. The online store is open 24/7 at seals.com.


Seals from AC&M can be custom marked with letters, serial numbers, logos, barcodes or other custom information. Color options are available for most products. But we also can customize how your seals are packed, delivered, and timed. If you need us to schedule multiple shipments at specific dates, drop ship to multiple locations, hold emergency stock, or provide other custom services we can work with you. As the factory we can customize your purchases without going through layers of sales levels.


The security seal industry has a strong set of standards and practices defined by ISO -- and exceeded by our own policies and procedures. These are in place to protect the security of the seal user, the integrity of the seal chain of custody and the confidentiality of those who buy our seals.

We follow all industry guidelines for protecting our seal inventory, documenting the seals’ history and keeping data private. We serve many well-known companies, government agencies and regulatory bodies. We do not release or disclose customer information as a matter of proper security and confidentiality policy. Discretion is more important than promotion when it comes to the privacy and trust of our customers.


The long history and experience of our expert team give us the unique ability to assist you with decades of knowledge in choosing and using seals. While having a team of experts who have been leading in our industry for decades, a new generation of specialists keeps AC&M on the cutting edge with the latest technology for advanced production, operating systems and customer care.

We invite you to ask any questions or request advice, product information, samples or other information. Call or chat online during EDT business hours or contact us anytime through our web site.

Choose a reliable leader in seals. Choose the producer trusted for over 100 years by tens of thousands of users worldwide, and be confident your needs will be met now and into the future.