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Wire seals have been one of the most commonly used seals for securing devices that measure, weigh, and meter since the 19th century. AC&M produces a full range of wire seals, from the original lead type to advanced plastic and metal hybrids that seal without tools. We have been a leader in the industry for 110 years.

Early wire seal uses included mechanical scales, postage meters and time clocks. The seals help detect tampering or unauthorized opening of the devices. Most early scales and other metering systems used lead and wire seals. A lead/wire seal is closed securely with a hand press. This sealing method is still in use today, though use of lead is decreasing due to potential health risks related to handling that material.

Later developments now incorporate aluminum or plastic as the base material for wire seals. Popularity remains as the use of braided wire is often required because the opening for a tamper evident seal on many metering and measuring devices have a small diameter.


There are two main categories of wire seal but many variations within each category.

Crimp Wire Seals are typically made of lead, aluminum, or some alloy of aluminum. They have holes for inserting wire that is then sealed in place by compression with a seal press or pliers. Often the hardened die in a seal press contains markings that are pressed into the seal and therefore match that seal to the specific press used. These can be numbers, letters, or simple patterns. Two sizes of press are offered by AC&M. An aluminum seal requires a stronger press than lead to compress fully, which means a longer press handle is needed.

In addition to the wide range of lead seals, other options include the compact TH1000 aluminum crimp seal which can fit small spaces and the AF1000 crimp seal which is available with stamped letters and numbers on the extended flag portion.

All of the Crimp Wire Seals are available with or without wire attached, and a selection of wire is available in pre-cut sizes or on bulk rolls. Wires from AC&M are offered in galvanized and stainless steel, plus copper. They are braided wires with up to 4 plys (strands).

“Self-Locking” Wire Seals are seals that are manually locked without use of a crimping tool.

AC&M offers some unique seals of this type.

PSW-97 is an advanced wire seal with a stainless steel locking plunger invented by AC&M. This seal can be color coded and custom marked to vary the identity as needed. There are numerous advantages to this seal that can be seen at the PSW97 web page.

SNAP SEALS are a simple steel enclosure that allows the user to fold and snap the seal closed by hand, pinching the wire in place. This requires the wire to be cut or the seal destroyed or seriously bent to open. Snap Seals can be plain or marked with letters, images and serial numbers. They are available in unfinished metal (galvanized) or with color coatings.

CUP SEALS with wire are perhaps the ultimate in tamper detection. This 2-piece disc houses a hard bronze multi-point lock ring that resembles saw teeth. When pressed together and interlocked with the wire tied inside they are so strong and tight that only sharp metal cutting tools will allow entry. Removal is done by cutting the wire. Either way, evidence of opening is certain. They are used for highly valuable and hazardous applications where tamper evidence is paramount.


In the field of measuring and metering there are more uses and potential uses than can be described here.

Some of the more common measuring applications are in utility metering. (water, gas, electric)

A few other well-known applications in this field are: taxi meters, laboratory test equipment, fuel and other meters on liquid delivery trucks, and liquid delivery and transfer points, truck scales, postal scales/meters, traffic counters, remote weather stations, water level monitors and many more.

Metering and measuring devices in production facilities for filling, weighing etc. are often sealed with a wire after calibration. The number or variations in that area are substantial.


If you have questions about our seals, or want information about using seals in securing devices for weights and measures (or for any purpose) please contact us.

Beyond banks AC&M serves thousands of seal users including government, utility, military and commercial entities of all types worldwide. We invite you to utilize and benefit from our 110 years in the seal industry, and a wealth of expertise. We are glad to assist with guidance, samples or pricing at your request.

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