Why It's Important to Use Barcoded Seals on Voting Machines and Equipment

Why It's Important to Use Barcoded Seals on Voting Machines and Equipment

Posted by Steve Diebold

Voting machines and equipment play a critical role in upholding the integrity of our democratic processes. To protect these crucial assets from potential threats and manipulations, it's essential to use tools like barcoded seals from American Casting & Manufacturing. These specialized security measures help to ensure the safe and secure handling of voting materials, from the moment they are set up until the final tally.

Barcoded seals offer a uniquely secure method of safeguarding voting machines and other related equipment. These seals provide a visible indication if any unauthorized access or tampering has occurred. Each seal carries a unique barcode that offers a trackable identity, making it much easier to manage and control the secure transportation and storage of voting machines and other equipment.

Furthermore, these seals add an additional layer of accountability in the election process. The unique barcodes allow for easy tracking and auditing of each sealed item, adding transparency and traceability to the process, and further ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the results.

Understanding How Seals are Often Used in Voting and Election Procedures

In the complex world of voting and election procedures, ensuring the integrity and security of the process is of paramount importance. That's where tamper-evident seals, security seal tape, and security labels come into play. These are some of the tools provided by American Casting & Manufacturing that serve as vital protective measures in the electoral system.

Some common uses of seals in voting and election systems include:

Voting Machines

Every voting machine is sealed before and after the voting process. This ensures that the equipment hasn't been tampered with at any stage, protecting the authenticity of the votes cast.

Ballot Boxes

After voting ends, ballot boxes are secured with tamper evident seals. This way, any unauthorized access during transit to the counting center would be immediately visible, ensuring the integrity of the physical votes.


Vehicles used for the transportation of voting machines, ballot boxes, and other sensitive materials are often sealed using security seal tape. This creates a clear sign if any unauthorized entry to the vehicle occurs during transit.

Storage Facilities

Security labels are typically used to secure storage facilities where voting machines and ballots are stored before and after elections. These labels will show clear signs of tampering if any unauthorized access or alterations occur.

Using these seals is essential to maintain trust in the electoral process. By providing a visible indication of tampering, they allow for immediate corrective action to be taken, preserving the credibility of the election results.

Remember, an election procedure is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, choosing high-quality, reliable seals from a reputable provider like American Casting & Manufacturing is critical. By doing so, you contribute to upholding the integrity of the democratic process.

Secure Your Election Process with American Casting & Manufacturing

Secure elections are the foundation of any democratic society. Ensuring that these processes remain free from tampering and manipulation is of paramount importance. American Casting & Manufacturing is your trusted partner in this critical task.

Our line of barcoded seals, tamper-evident seals, security seal tape, and security labels are designed to provide the highest level of security for your election processes. We invite you to contact us and learn more about how our products can provide peace of mind in the secure handling of your voting machines and equipment.

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