Uses for Security Seals You May Not Know

Uses for Security Seals You May Not Know

Posted by Steve Diebold

Security seals, tapes, and labels have many uses across a number of industries. Some are more commonly known, such as preventing theft of goods during transport and making sure medical samples don’t get contaminated.

But security seals have roles in more places than most people can imagine. Here we’re sharing some lesser known tamper evident security seal applications.

1. Environmental protection

Security seals serve an important function in protecting the environment by preventing hazardous spills and ensuring the safe delivery of regulated materials. For example, when shipping or securing nuclear fuel, the drums that carry the fuel are required to have a heavy duty seal. American casting provides heavy duty seals for compliance with these regulations

2. Long-haul shipping

When shipping goods long distances by airplane, train, or boat, sealing the cargo is essential. The presence of the seal alone may deter anyone from tampering with the materials. But, if tampering does occur, it will be immediately evident so the defective goods do not continue through the supply chain.

3. Proving sanitation in public places

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made people more aware of cleanliness and sanitation than ever. People who travel and stay in hotels want assurance that they are in a safe and clean environment. Tamper evident security labels can be used to seal hotel doors after cleaning and sanitation. That way, incoming guests can see that nobody has been in the room since it was sanitized.

4. Protecting sensitive radioactive materials

Security seals are used widely in power generating facilities as well as the transport of radioactive materials, weapons, nuclear waste, and more. Security seals and labels can help maintain safety and compliance in these rightly controlled environments.

5. Securing cell phone cameras

Whether using cell phones for business or personal purposes, people want to know that they are truly secure. Non-residue security labels can be used to create a secure seal over the camera lens to prevent images or videos from being captured. The non-residue specification ensures no permanent damage to the cell phone yet provides a high level of security. They can be customized with company logos, numbers, letters, or any other identifiers you could need.

These are just a few examples of ways security seals can be used apart from the ordinary. Within just about every industry, there are uses for security seals, tapes, and labels. Any time safety, security, and integrity are important, there’s a place for security seals. American Casting has been proudly providing seals for al these uses and more for over 110 years.