Unveiling the Importance of Cable Seals in Rail Transport Security Throughout History

Unveiling the Importance of Cable Seals in Rail Transport Security Throughout History

Posted by Steve Diebold

Rail cars have played a pivotal role in the history of security seals, dating back well over a century. In the early days, lead and tin-plated steel seals were the go-to choice for securing rail cars and their valuable contents. As an esteemed security seal company with a rich legacy, AC&M has been at the forefront of producing these seals since its establishment in 1910.

Even today, American Casting & Manufacturing continues to manufacture these enduring seals, which find application in various transport scenarios, including railways. Alongside the steel band seals that have stood the test of time, lead seals, though gradually being phased out, still find utility in certain contexts.

The Rise of Bolt-Type and Cable Seals in Freight Protection

With the passage of time and evolving security requirements, railways began demanding more robust seals that could withstand deliberate tampering attempts and accidental breakage. This need paved the way for the development of bolt-type seals, which quickly gained popularity for securing intermodal shipping containers and trucks.

Subsequently, heavy-duty cable seals emerged as a preferred choice for many rail carriers. Renowned as a leading cable seals supplier, AC&M offers high-quality cable seals tailored for diverse rail car types, such as tankers, hoppers, and boxcars. In fact, cable seals have witnessed a surge in usage, given that hopper cars and tankers constituted over two-thirds of all rail cars in use in 2019.

As the rail industry continues to prioritize security, the versatility and reliability of cable seals have made them an indispensable component of rail shipping. Their robust construction and tamper-evident features ensure the integrity of goods throughout the transportation process.

With AC&M's expertise and extensive range of cable seals, rail carriers can enhance their security measures and safeguard their valuable cargo effectively. Whether it's the timeless steel band seals or the cutting-edge cable seals, AC&M remains committed to delivering innovative sealing solutions for the ever-evolving needs of the rail industry.

Introducing the Versatility and Enhanced Security of Modern Cable Seals

In the realm of tamper-evident seals, cable seals have emerged as a modern solution that offers a wide range of sizes, strengths, and customization options. As reputable sealing wire suppliers continue to innovate, cable seals have become more adaptable to the diverse closure mechanisms employed today.

Similar to bolt seals, cable type seals provide a dual purpose: they act as reliable tamper-evident seals and disposable heavy-duty locks for one-time use. Regardless of the chosen size or strength, cable seals guarantee a high level of security. However, it is crucial to adhere to proper practices when utilizing cable seals, ensuring they are tightly pulled and locked for optimal effectiveness.

Gone are the days of all-steel cable seals with simple stamped markings. The evolution of cable seals has introduced modern variations crafted from aluminum with steel cables. These contemporary versions offer an array of anodized colors and enable intricate laser markings, including barcodes, logos, and customized details. Moreover, these seals exhibit improved resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for extended use in harsh conditions.

With the unmatched versatility and advanced features of modern cable seals, businesses can reinforce their security measures and protect their valuable assets during transit. Trusted sealing wire suppliers like AC&M are at the forefront, providing tamper evident seals that meet the evolving demands of various industries.

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Cable seals have emerged as the preferred choice across various industries, transcending their traditional role in rail transportation. From transport and utilities to military and petroleum operations, cable seals deliver unmatched security and tamper-evident features. Trust AC&M to provide high-quality cable seals that safeguard your valuable assets and ensure the integrity of your goods during transit.

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