Understanding the Ideal Strength of Your Seals

Understanding the Ideal Strength of Your Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

Selecting the right security seals for your business operations is a crucial task that requires careful thought and analysis. One of the main factors to consider in this process is the strength of the seals you intend to use.

From high-security seals to cable seals, bolt seals, and plastic security seals, there's a wide array of options offered by American Casting & Manufacturing. The challenge lies in discerning the right one for your specific needs.

Beginning Point

The initiation of this process begins with a deep understanding of your specific needs. Ask yourself: what are you securing? What conditions will the seals be exposed to? What is the level of security required?

For instance, consider a high-risk environment where the secured items are high-value or if the consequences of a security breach would be severe. In such a scenario, a high-security seal, such as a bolt seal, would be the best choice. Bolt seals are designed to withstand high levels of force, making them difficult to tamper with or remove without leaving visible evidence.

On the other hand, if the secured items are relatively low-value and the risks associated with tampering are minimal, a lower-strength seal might be sufficient. The primary purpose of such seals is to provide tamper evidence rather than prevent access. Here, a plastic security seal could be the ideal solution.

Avoiding Unnecessary Purchases

It's not uncommon for businesses to either overbuy or invest in the wrong type of security seals, resulting in unnecessary costs. While it's true that high security seals like bolt seals or cable seals offer exceptional protection, they may not be necessary for every application.

For example, if you're sealing small containers or bags, a lower-strength solution like plastic security seals might be more appropriate. These types of seals are typically more affordable and can be applied and removed more easily than high-security seals. Therefore, it's essential to assess your specific needs carefully and select the most appropriate seal type to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Required Seals

Next, it's important to consider the particular types of seals required for your operations. For instance, if you're securing cargo that's going to be transported over long distances and exposed to harsh weather or rough handling, you might need a more robust solution like cable seals.

However, if the application involves sealing items in a controlled environment, such as a retail stockroom or an office, where the aim is to provide clear tamper evidence rather than prevent unauthorized access, plastic security seals may suffice.

Variability in Strength Measurement

Although strength is an essential characteristic of security seals, it's important to note that it doesn't solely determine their effectiveness. A seal's primary function is to provide clear visual evidence of tampering, so while stronger seals can offer a higher degree of physical security, they may not always be necessary.

It's also worth considering that strength can vary greatly between different types of seals, even within the same category. Therefore, when evaluating the strength of potential seals, always consider it within the context of the seal’s intended application.

The Importance of Stakeholders

No analysis of security seal requirements would be complete without considering the needs and expectations of your stakeholders. This might include customers, regulatory bodies, supply chain partners, or internal staff.

If the seals you use need to meet specific industry standards or regulatory requirements, it’s essential to ensure they do so. Stakeholders rely on you to maintain the integrity of your goods or services, and failing to meet their expectations can lead to reputational damage or even legal consequences.

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