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Many computers and electronic devices require a tamper evident seal for various reasons. For consumer electronics it is usually for warranty purposes. In commercial, medical or government electronic devices it is often a security need to detect opening or tampering. In other applications a seal is in place for both safety and security reasons. They are especially important around controls that safeguard electrical or chemical hazards.


Whether for consumer, commercial or government/military use, computers are among the most often items sealed to detect opening. Some equipment is very sensitive, either for security or public safety reasons. Meanwhile, the sizes, types and configurations of the devices or their housings are widely varied and some of these can be challenging to seal.

A few of the other recognized devices that are sealed against tampering include:

test equipment, medical equipment, commercial control panels, metering devices, cable and modem boxes, financial and banking equipment, and almost too many consumer products to list.

In metering the uses range from utility meters, meters on delivery trucks for liquid and bulk materials, taxi meters, gasoline pumps, workplace time clocks, and more. Calibrated devices like medical or environmental test equipment are numerous. Others include counting and surveillance devices for public places, traffic control, plus law enforcement tools like speed radar and field testing units, or environmental enforcement tools equipment like equipment for measuring emissions.

Within commercial production and processing of all products including food, chemical, mechanical and consumer products there are vast numbers of electronic systems that are unseen by most people. These devices control or monitor the quality, purity, quantity, filling, sorting and authentication of products. Many of these devices need to be checked, calibrated or reset, and then sealed to assure they were then kept closed after authorized work is done.


Many devices have a built-in sealing system or a provision to apply a tamper evident seal (like utility meters and cabinet enclosures). These can be sealed with standard tamper seals like padlock seals, pull-up seals or wire seal. But there are limitations to sealing many other electronic devices due to shape, size or other factors.

Adhesive Security Seals

Today, thanks to modern chemistry, we have a range of self-adhesive security labels and similar adhesive items that can be used on these devices. Tamper evident labels can be either stock or custom printed and are available in various sizes and shapes. The adhesives can show evidence of tampering (“VOID” or “OPENED” message) with adhesive residue only on the label, or with clear residue on the surface of the device and the label. Typically they are applied to a seam of the body or cover of the item and must be removed to open and gain access to internal workings.

American Casting & Mfg. offers a wide choice of security adhesive labels and tapes. They can be shipped quickly from stock with standard print or custom printed with company names or logos. They also can have a space for writing dates, names, times or other required information.

Security adhesive labels and tapes have opened opportunities to seal enclosures that previously could not be sealed without modifications to the device itself.

Cup Seals for Protecting Screws and Bolts

AC&M offers a unique type of seal that provides a tamper evident cover for the screws or bolts that hold covers and access panels in place. Cup Seals are made of strong steel (or copper with Brass) and must be destroyed and removed to access whatever the user is trying to protect. Because so many enclosures for electronics are screwed in place this seal provides a very effective guard to detect unauthorized opening.

There are ¾-inch and 1-inch diameter Cup Seals with a range of hole sizes to fit the most common screw sizes used. Cup seals can be stamped with letters and numbers for identification and control purposes.

This unique product has applications in almost any industry where a screw needs to be protected from removal. It can also be supplied with two small holes to turn into a wire seal. That additional feature makes it possible to use Cup Seals in many areas where very strong and secure sealing is needed.


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