Truck Seals Are the Most Well-Known Security Seal Application, Here’s Why!

Truck Seals Are the Most Well-Known Security Seal Application, Here’s Why!

Posted by Steve Diebold

Using security and tamper-evident seals is incredibly useful in a wide variety of situations. Anyone who spends any amount of time on the roads in any part of the world can attest to the fact that the number of trucks on the move at any given time is massive. This is why, nowadays, sealing trucks and cargo containers mounted on trucks is the most common application for seals worldwide.

In 1910, when the first mass-produced pickup trucks were hitting the streets, American Casting & Manufacturing was already working hard to perfect the art of security seals specialized for trucks. The commercial production for that year was limited to 6,000 units. Presently, AC&M manufactures security seals for a wide variety of sectors and is the market leader in the United States for truck seals.

The total number of seals used on trucks each year is difficult to pin down, but it certainly runs into the thousands of millions and is on the rise. Today, nearly a billion trucks and buses are on the road; the exact number is difficult to determine, but it is in the thousands of millions and growing. Even right now, nearly a billion trucks and buses are on the road. Estimates place the total number of the most popular types in use in the United States at 2 million.

Almost all trucks on the streets today have seals, but not all. Some trucks even use several seals on a regular basis. When you factor in tankers, flatbeds, and other specialized trucks, the number of operational automobiles and the use of truck seals become substantial.

The Importance of Using Security Seals In Your Trucks

Historically, the typical purpose for early security seals was to prove that an attempt was made to open the truck or that it was opened. All the proof you need is a broken or mangled seal. Each seal can be easily traced back to its owner thanks to the letters and numbers that are stamped on it.

Now, the modern seal can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracking and security, thanks to the addition of logos, barcodes, extra written data, and color coding. Early seals have now evolved into extremely useful barcoded security seals over the years.

After a truck arrives at a major retailer, the first thing the person who greets it does is scan the barcodes on the seal. The system is notified of the time and location of the truck's arrival. They can learn the truck's contents and other details from the data associated with that barcode in their system. But empty cars, trailers, and tankers are usually locked so that if someone tried to get in, they would leave a sign.

The Types of Security Seals For Your Trucks

Trucks can be locked with nearly any kind of seal. Most commonly utilized in the past have been metal and plastic strap seals of a predetermined length or fixed length security seals. This item is marked with a letter and a serial number so that it can be identified individually. To this day, the most common kind of truck seals are flat seals made of plastic or metal.

Meanwhile, modern distribution networks have altered the importance of seals in this industry. There are new choices available to help businesses conform their data to operational database standards and satisfy security concerns.

There is an increasing demand for seals that are either more durable or more informative. Both light-duty indication seals and heavy-duty barrier seals can be customized with barcodes and other information for use in monitoring and controlling deliveries made by truck. AC&M offers high-strength metal cable seals in addition to plastic closures with barcodes.

Plastic pull-up seals are extensively utilized because they are a simple replacement for strap seals. The wider and oddly shaped fastening systems on the tank trucks benefit a lot from these longer and more flexible plastic security seals.

Although effective, a padlock-style seal is more commonly associated with electric metering and is hence neglected as a truck sealing alternative. In reality, its function is much broader, and it can do wonders for your trucks.

Bolt seals made of steel or cable seals are used to secure trucks in barrier and high-security environments. Both can only be opened with powerful equipment. This is typical for international shipments or the transport of high-value goods. The use of high-security seals for international shipments often necessitates that they be approved in accordance with ISO-7712 quality requirements. This is an internationally accepted standard for measuring muscular strength.

It is important to consider the environment and the type of carrier when deciding on a truck seal. Easy routes for trucks require easy seals. More complex seals are required for some internal firm systems that are closely monitored.

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