The Trusted Choice: AC&M Seals—Proudly Made in the USA

The Trusted Choice: AC&M Seals—Proudly Made in the USA

Posted by Steve Diebold

Here at American Casting & Manufacturing, we're quite proud of our 111-year history as a leading manufacturer of high-quality security seals in New York. Because of our reputation as a reliable seal provider for businesses around the world, our seals have even made their way to the icy continent of Antarctica.

While we take great pride in exporting our seals to countries all around the world, we consider the United States to be our home and the engine that drives our company forward. Read on to learn more about our superior security seal solutions.

Establishing the Origin of AC&M in the US

AC&M is proud to produce high strength security seals in the United States. Although many businesses advertise themselves as US makers, only a few actually make seals from start to finish in the USA. AC&M's state-of-the-art plant in Plainview, New York, allows us to produce over a hundred different seal models and variants, making us an industry leader in the United States. When absolutely necessary, which is not often, we use imported components.

AC&M manufactures all of our security seals in-house, whereas the vast majority of US seal vendors import either completed seals or pre-made seal pieces. This guarantees that our customers receive genuine, high-quality security seals created in the United States and not repackaged or assembled imports. When you shop for security seals from AC&M, you can be assured that your money is going to a company that actually makes its products in the United States.

Don't be shy about asking to visit the facility where the security seals you're considering purchasing are made. At American Casting & Manufacturing, we encourage people to visit our Plainview factory so that they can see the products being made from start to finish. Of course, this excludes certain proprietary, hazardous, and advanced technology areas for your safety. The term "US ORIGIN" is best exemplified by our integrated manufacturing, assembling, packing, warehousing, marketing, and service facilities.

Ensuring A Continuous Supply Since 1910

The history of AC&M spans more than a century. Since its founding in 1910, the company has gone through a number of transformations in response to the ever-evolving demands of the marketplace. AC&M has weathered the storm to maintain its position as a market leader in the production of robust security seals. Options like our metal strap seals are built to last and are among the strongest products we provide.

AC&M is proud of its unyielding dedication to quality and dependable delivery, which has been maintained by the same family for four generations. We are aware of the many dangers that threaten businesses today, such as tariff wars, global warming, and natural disasters. That's why we're prepared to meet your every demand for security products, including fixed length security seals. You can count on AC&M to meet all of your security seal needs, no matter how difficult the situation may become.

Buy with Confidence from AC&M - Contact Us Today!

When it comes to seals, we are unrivaled in terms of quality, service, and on-time delivery. For that reason alone, you should purchase seals from AC&M. But remember the incalculable worth of a steady, reliable supply of seals while you shop about. It can be expensive if you run out of seals.

Together with dependability and quality, buying things made in the USA (and elsewhere in North America) has the extra benefit of bolstering the domestic economy. That makes us happy, and we can only hope it does the same for our clientele.

If you aren't currently a client but are interested in purchasing from a market leader, you should get in touch with us. During regular Eastern Standard Time business hours, you can reach out to one of our seasoned professionals via email, phone, or live chat. However, you can get all the details you need and place an order for seals at any time, day or night, on our website.