The Most Rarely Seen Uses For Seals – Now Uncovered!

The Most Rarely Seen Uses For Seals – Now Uncovered!

Posted by Steve Diebold

Security seals are generally used to keep packages or bags from being opened or tampered with and to ensure that their contents are properly identified. Even though they are most commonly associated with their employment on utility meters and the lids of truck trailers and cargo containers, they actually have innumerable other applications.

For almost a century and a half, American Casting & Manufacturing has been an industry frontrunner in supplying seals to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations across the world. Within that time frame, the world has witnessed some truly innovative uses of security seals.

There is no restriction on the variety of seals that can be utilized. AC&M produces a wide variety of seals, numbering in the hundreds, and they are always available. As a matter of fact, their cup seals are regarded as the most distinctive and well-known security seals in the world. AC&M's seal is indeed among the most secure on the market.

Although AC&M does not disclose the identities of their customers or the industries in which they operate in order to protect their security and confidentiality, they can, however, share some of the more unusual and novel uses for their security seals:

Fine Metals And Fine Art

It is common practice to use numbered seals on containers holding gold during transport to prevent theft and also to track who has gained access to the precious metal. That holds true for gold, silver, and any other valuable metal. Plastic seals and wire seals can be used on smaller containers containing refined gold or even other metals, while high-strength and durable cable seals are reserved for larger containers containing raw ore.

The transportation of precious gems from the quarry to the marketplace is also safeguarded by a similar method. Undeniably, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other stones with high market values are very susceptible to pilfering or theft; thus, seals are used in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes in keeping these gemstones secured.

Customized containers and other carriers are made specifically for the shipping of fine art and often include security seals for the same purpose. Even more impressive is the existence of a worldwide organization concerned solely with the safe handling, storage, and distribution of priceless artwork.

Members include shippers, custom packers, and logistics experts who manage the transport of valuable artwork. Museums and galleries rely on these professionals, and strap seals are a crucial tool for them to keep these artworks in place and away from damage. Moreso, security seals still come in a broad variety of forms in this niche industry.

Expensive And Rare Chemicals, Minerals, And Other Compounds

Rare Californianium is estimated to cost around $25,000,000 per ounce. This is stored in secure locations with guards standing watch. But even that sort of storage may call for bolt seals to control who gets in and out of the locking mechanism or to track who opens and closes the doors.

Drums and other specially sealed containers are used to store and transport many high-value pharmaceuticals, chemicals, raw materials, and biological drugs for commercial and clinical purposes. Because of technological advancements in the realm of security adhesive sealing, tamper-evident seals are now widely used and are a viable option for a far wider variety of container types.


Traveling to disposal sites normally requires a sealed drum or other specialized containers due to the extreme hazards posed by materials like nuclear medical byproducts, refinery waste, acids, and many more. Similarly, biohazards pose a threat. It's actually unusual for people to see something like this in real life.

It is transported in unmarked vehicles for safety concerns, and security seals serve as more than just a guarantee that the material stays put. As such, it could be the primary means by which the material's contents and progression are identified.

Since the UN established organizations to monitor nuclear materials, seals have been used to prevent unauthorized access to nuclear materials and components. Enhanced versions of AC&M seals have been produced by the relevant regulatory authorities, making them incredibly powerful and almost impossible to breach without evidence.

Protection Of Animals And Fish

Seals have multiple legal applications, including population and trade monitoring, as well as in the fight against poaching and illegal trafficking of animal skins and other body parts. Both play crucial roles in the global movement to preserve natural resources.

Seals for pythons, anacondas, crocodiles, alligators, and other reptiles are just a few of the more unusual and noteworthy uses for which AC&M has provided solutions. They have also developed seals for use in regulating the allocation and pricing of valuable fish species like yellowfin and bluefin tuna.

However, the seals used in Mongolia to keep an eye on the yak hide trade and ensure the safety of a decreasing herd are the personal favorites of many. It's not often known, but yak hide is much more expensive than the more commonly used skin, cowhide, or leather, due to its superior resilience.

Beyond the scope of this blog post, security seals can be used in a plethora of other creative ways. As AC&M stated, it's truly a special honor to serve the numerous small businesses that employ seals for tamper evidence or secure product identification.

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