The Imperative Role of American Casting in Helping You Select the Best Seals

The Imperative Role of American Casting in Helping You Select the Best Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

It is imperative to discuss common sense sealing solutions, so here is a narrative about a visit to a supplier of pre-mixed concrete to further discuss the aforementioned subject. Their products were transported in mixing trucks with a capacity of 8 cubic meters (10 cubic yards). During the usual courtesy visit, we discussed a persistent theft/pilferage issue with the owner. After the trucks are loaded, the vehicles’ discharge levers are locked. They utilized type 1001 plastic padlock seals. Since it can be easily ripped off at the destination without the need of equipment, 1001 is an excellent seal for this application. Furthermore, the design is so basic that it is easy to check and determine whether or not it is still functional.

To discuss furthermore, after a long conversation, it emerged that some of the company's drivers were breaking the cable seals and dumping their cargo at the homes of friends and family members in exchange for small sums of money. There would be around 80% or 90% of that initial load left in the truck when it was transported to the work site and laid for the customer. When confronted, the chauffeurs asserted that the seals had been damaged by mistake or that the client was lying. The management at times claimed that the drivers were gluing them back together to make them look sealed. Eventually, many customers were losing faith in them.

When he discovered the issue, he requested if we could fix it with a more robust seal such as bolt seals. That is why we inquired, "Do these drivers work for you? Are they from independent contractors? The owner mentioned that they are employees.

As a matter of expertise, we informed him, that more robust seals are seldom successful in preventing this kind of crime. If they are strongly motivated, someone will open them with tools and attempt to disguise tampering in order to trick a buyer. While you can pay more for the stronger seals, you will only get little or no benefit from them. Also, only a limited number of high-priced seals would also suit their lever.

A better answer would be to impose rigorous driving regulations. Distribute a copy of these guidelines to all drivers for review and acceptance, and display a notice with the following on their noticeboards:

  • It is expected that the delivery receipt will include a picture of the seal on the lever. Customers must sign a delivery receipt saying that they saw their driver break open their package and inspect it to ensure it was in excellent working order.
  • Every seal should be returned with the signed delivery receipt by the courier. The delivery of a partial load, or one with a damaged seal, will be subject to further investigation. Employees who are discovered to tamper with seals or redirect merchandise will face severe fines and possibly firing.
  • Seals that seem to have been tampered with can be submitted back to the manufacturer for examination.

The client heeded the advice, implemented the regulations, and published them, and did not need to purchase a more costly seal. Many of the exceptions to the issue were resolved. No seals were returned for assessment, and our specialists at the plant will certainly know if a seal had been placed back together after attempting to break it.

An Insightful Story

The above-given story is still a prevalent narrative in various businesses some years after the event. It is presented to demonstrate that American Casting & Manufacturing is more than simply a seal manufacturer. As a result of our many years of expertise, we are able to provide our clients with cost-effective security and loss prevention options.

Some clients may not be making the best use of their seals, or they may be purchasing a more expensive seal than is necessary, or they may just want assistance in choosing and utilizing their seals. If you have any questions or concerns about tamper evident security seals or how to use them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any time during business hours, you can reach out to a seal application specialist in our company. You can send an email to or call 1-866-618-5038 in the US or 516-349-7010 from outside the country. Moreover, a live chat option is provided on the company's website. All our contact information can be found on our website