The Critical Role of Inspectors and Seals in Ensuring Safety: An Overview

The Critical Role of Inspectors and Seals in Ensuring Safety: An Overview

Posted by Steve Diebold

Elevators, business scales, meters, alarm devices, time clocks, food handling devices, fire suppression systems, medical equipment, and water and sewage treatment systems are just some of the many devices that benefit from tamper evident security seals during routine inspections. These seals allow the inspector to authenticate their role as the responsible party and offer details about the inspection, such as the date, the type of inspection performed, the device's current state, and the next scheduled inspection date.

Several industries use barcoded security seals because they are an integral part of inspection procedures. Quality, performance, and purity checks are crucial at many points in the food supply chain, medical care, the energy sector, transportation infrastructure, electrical grids, and wastewater treatment plants.

The importance of competent and licensed inspectors in maintaining the safe and effective operation of these vital areas of our lives is sometimes underappreciated. By using tamper-evident barcoded security seals, inspectors can prove they have performed all required checks, giving us peace of mind that our lives and possessions are protected.

In most cases, inspectors who do these tasks make great efforts to double-check and corroborate their results. Yet, in order to carry out each task, they need a wide variety of seal types, each of which serves a specific function. Mechanical seals, ink stamps, printed tags, pressed seals, sticky labels, and other tamper-evident devices are all examples of possible seal types. The variety of sealing and labeling techniques used across sectors is vast, and the options are practically endless.

Inspectors can use security labels along with more common ways to seal things to help them do their jobs. The inspector's name, the inspection date, and the next inspection date can all be included on these labels, just as they would be on any other seal. Security labels have the same tamper-evident features as other security seals. This makes it easy for inspectors to figure out if something has been messed with.

For almost a century, American Casting & Manufacturing has been making seals for a wide variety of businesses. AC&M specializes in delivering custom seals and seal marking services, which are frequently requested by inspectors. We provide reliable sealing options for any complicated task, whether it involves color coding, bespoke marking, or a place to write information.

The seals used to protect this kind of work and the fact that they exist sometimes go unnoticed. A signed inspection label on an elevator or fire extinguisher in a hotel or office building could catch our attention occasionally. Alternatively, we might see the valves and seals on a building's water supply line or electric meter. Perhaps we've all seen a huge piece of beef stamped with the inspector's seal. Nonetheless, inspectors work tirelessly every day in many other places, most of which remain invisible to the general public.

Cable seals are another type of seal that inspectors may use in addition to the ones just discussed. These seals have a metal cable that is locked into place after being coiled around the object. When other seals won't do, cable seals are a great alternative for adding an extra layer of protection. Despite the wide range of seals and sealing procedures, few understand the critical function they provide in ensuring security across many sectors.

It would take a book to give a comprehensive account of the inspectors' job and its implications for society at large. And most readers would be lulled to sleep by that book.

You can thank your lucky stars that we have inspectors on the job if you aren't one of them. Inspectors that are interested in learning more about AC&M seals to aid in their work can do so by contacting us.

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