Tailored Seal Solutions: AC&M's Excellence in Custom Supply

Tailored Seal Solutions: AC&M's Excellence in Custom Supply

Posted by Steve Diebold

The world of tamper-evident security seals is a vast and intricate landscape, as diverse as the seal types themselves and the myriad configurations and supply methods they offer.

With a century of experience as a leading seal manufacturer, we've taken the initiative to make the process of acquiring seals directly from the factory an accessible advantage for all customers, regardless of their size. Our commitment lies in ensuring every customer enjoys a seamless and professional purchasing experience, regardless of the complexity of their requirements or the scale of their order.

Seals, in their effective use, often demand meticulous attention to detail. Yet, sometimes, it boils down to the simplicity of swiftly receiving top-quality seals with minimal hassle. At American Casting & Manufacturing, we take pride in our ability to cater to the diverse needs of seal users, consistently striving to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

To ensure prompt service, we've implemented a comprehensive program for the rapid supply of pre-marked and pre-packaged seals, available for immediate delivery. Simultaneously, our seasoned professionals at AC&M operate from a state-of-the-art campus, seamlessly integrating engineering, production, sales coordination, and order handling. This unique setup empowers us to provide exceptional, personalized attention to customers with a wide range of needs.

All these operations are meticulously overseen and managed at our factory, warehouse, and headquarters in New York, optimizing efficiency and reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Discover Our Diverse Customized Markings, Services, Functions, and Options

At AC&M, we take pride in offering a diverse array of customized markings, services, functions, and options that cater to your unique requirements. Read on to learn the art of tailoring tamper-evident security seals to suit your individual needs, ensuring an unparalleled level of security and satisfaction.


When it comes to customizing trailer seals (after you've made your type and size selections), the real magic happens in the way we add lettering and markings—your unique signature on each seal. The extent of customization achievable depends on the seal type you choose, as each has its own canvas for personalization.

Take, for instance, our flat metal truck seals, the FC1, where we employ stamping to leave a lasting mark. While stamping offers versatility in design, it may not be the best canvas for intricate images or complex prints. In contrast, consider our plastic pull-up seal, the AP-50, which opens the door to laser or roller coating. Here, we can bring your vision to life with detailed prints, allowing for an array of personalized markings and essential information on the seal's surface.

From proprietary logos and stylized company names to critical safety instructions and seal control data, the possibilities are endless. Picture our model 8001 padlock seal boldly warning of '440 Volts of Electricity' or the PS360 bag seal adorned with warning emblems for biohazards, flammability, or radioactive materials.

But we don't stop at just appearances; we let our seals speak to their function, usage locations, and the responsible parties behind them. Additionally, several of our plastic seals feature dedicated white spaces for handwritten notations or signatures, adding another layer of customization to fit your needs.

These examples merely scratch the surface of our extensive custom marking options. We thrive on questions and requests that bring your unique marking ideas to life—especially when it comes to security. A seal that bears a distinctive mark is a formidable deterrent against nefarious duplication and errors in identification during inspections. At AC&M, we're here to transform your security seals into personalized security solutions that stand out and stand guard.


At their simplest, serial numbers are displayed as stamped or printed digits, providing straightforward identification. However, the world of security is ever-evolving, as are the ways we encode information. That's where barcodes or QR codes step in on security labels, encapsulating not only serial numbers but also crucial data like manufacturing dates or other pertinent information.

But there's more to it than meets the eye. Enter the letter prefixes—a smart tool to impart additional layers of meaning to a seal's identity. These letter codes can be strategically assigned to signify the department, division, location, or even the specific purpose of a seal. Consider our CL-99 cable seals as a prime example. It employs letters to indicate whether a valve is open or closed, or even to vividly convey the substance flowing through the valve.

Beyond their descriptive power, prefixes enhance the numerical possibilities, making it easier to keep track of a multitude of seals that might otherwise appear identical. The incorporation of letter prefixes not only expands the potential combinations but also simplifies the inspection process, ensuring precision in identifying even closely resembling seals.


Color isn't just about aesthetics—it's a powerful tool for enhancing security and efficiency. Most seals in our inventory are readily available in multiple colors, with the option to swiftly create custom hues that precisely match your requirements. This versatility in color coding serves as the cornerstone for many of the seal applications we cater to.

The beauty of color variation lies in its ability to expedite the identification, tracking, and record-keeping of seals. Imagine a scenario where a plastic truck seal, such as our model 4001, has one color for empty trucks and another for cargo-laden ones. Or picture a user employing distinct colors for different truck routes or cargo categories. This ingenious use of color coding isn't limited to a specific industry—it spans across diverse sectors.

But here's where it gets even more interesting: To bolster seal security, it's advisable to periodically change seal colors. This strategic move discourages counterfeiting, duplication, or the reuse of seals that have been tampered with. Unscrupulous individuals looking to pilfer undetected often resort to discarded seals, deploying them to replace compromised ones. By using these discarded seals, they create the false appearance of a sealed container or door. However, if the seal color has recently changed, discarded seals of a different hue can't serve as substitutes.

While plastic security seals have long been celebrated for their color versatility, advances in technology have now made color-coated metal seals more accessible. With options like plastic coating, anodizing, and roller coating, a wide range of metal seals in our collection can also flaunt an array of vibrant colors, enhancing both their functionality and aesthetics.


At AC&M, we understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to packaging. While we offer a range of standard packaging options for many of our products, we also excel at crafting custom packaging configurations to align with our customers' specific needs. Our goal is to simplify internal seal handling and enhance inventory control for our valued clients.

Our bespoke packaging options encompass a wide spectrum, including:

  1. Inner packs are enclosed in bags or boxes within master cartons.
  2. Cartons containing a mix of seal models or colors, all neatly organized.
  3. Specialized labeling on packaging to provide clear content identification.
  4. Discreet, plain packaging tailored for resellers.
  5. Custom pallet quantities that cater to your unique requirements.

Moreover, our modern warehousing capabilities are at your service to streamline inventory management and scheduling. Our offerings extend to:

  1. Pre-scheduled shipments on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring a consistent supply.
  2. Efficient drop shipping to multiple locations for your convenience.
  3. Warehousing facilities for reserve stock, safeguarding against unforeseen shortages.
  4. Consumption monitoring, enabling us to recommend optimal ship dates based on your usage patterns.

These are just a glimpse of the packaging solutions and warehousing services we provide to elevate your seal procurement experience. At AC&M, we go the extra mile to meet your unique packaging and storage needs, ensuring you have a seamless and dependable supply chain partner.

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