Strengthening Security Through AC&M Sourced Seals

Strengthening Security Through AC&M Sourced Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

The global supply chain relies heavily on security seals, serving multifaceted purposes that extend far beyond mere identification and protection of shipping containers. From securing bonded and quarantine cargo to detecting smuggling and theft, safeguarding against potential terrorist acts, and ensuring cargo integrity and purity, the role of seals is indispensable. It's widely recognized that seals are pivotal tools in monitoring and safeguarding goods during transit and storage.

Moreover, seals play a vital role in protecting critical infrastructure, the world's currencies, essential raw materials, the containment of hazardous substances, and, crucially, medical, pharmaceutical, and food products. They are indispensable components of modern security measures, serving as guardians of our safety and well-being.

Pioneering this crucial role in ensuring security are tamper-evident seals, with American Casting & Manufacturing (AC&M) leading the charge in producing these essential security solutions. AC&M stands as a beacon of innovation in both product design and security practices related to security seals, continuously striving to enhance the effectiveness and reliability of these critical components.

Indeed, security seals serve as the cornerstone of global security measures, protecting vital assets and upholding the integrity of supply chains worldwide. The importance of tamper evident seals in safeguarding our safety and security truly cannot be overstated.

The Importance of Reliable Supply Chains for High Security Seals

Imagine a scenario where security seals suddenly become unavailable to critical users. In such a situation, providing essential protection would become not just difficult but potentially impossible. This raises pertinent questions about the source and reliability of the seals that are deployed in numerous critical locations. Can we trust the origin of these seals? Are they sourced from dependable suppliers?

American Casting & Mfg. Corp. stands firm in its commitment to maintaining a robust and centralized manufacturing operation, firmly under our control at our factory and headquarters campus in Plainview, New York. Here, we exercise meticulous control over the storage and production of the myriad raw materials and parts that constitute our tamper evident seals. This centralized approach enables us to produce our seals entirely in-house, thereby reducing reliance on external suppliers and mitigating potential disruptions in our supply chain.

Unlike many other security seal companies, we refrain from extensively outsourcing our manufacturing operations to offshore locations. Relying on dispersed manufacturing processes abroad poses significant risks in an era of uncertain shipping and supply chains. Many seal suppliers heavily depend on components moving across international borders before final assembly—a process fraught with potential challenges and delays. At AC&M, we minimize external sourcing for all but the most basic raw materials and components that we cannot produce at our primary facility.

By adopting this approach, we not only safeguard our own operations but also protect the interests of our customers, who rely on high security seals for their business continuity. By maintaining a localized manufacturing process, we minimize the potential for costly and disruptive interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted security solutions for our valued clients.

Choose American Casting & Manufacturing As Your Security Seal Provider

When you opt for AC&M as your supplier, you're not just securing tamper protection with our seals—you're also safeguarding the reliability of your entire supply chain. With AC&M, you're not only assured of top-notch quality and service but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing your seal supplier will stand by you when it matters most. With a legacy spanning over a century and enduring through two world wars, a great depression, and two pandemics, AC&M has consistently delivered reliable solutions to our clients.

When selecting your seal provider, reliability should be a paramount consideration. Whether it's the performance you expect or the timely delivery of seals crucial to your operations, American Casting & Manufacturing ensures unwavering dependability.

We pride ourselves on being more than just suppliers—we're partners with thousands of seal users worldwide. We encourage everyone to reach out to our expert team and discover how our industry-leading expertise can provide the best and most reliable security seals and services tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you explore our website at or prefer to contact us online, via email, or by phone, we're here to serve you. Choose American Casting & Manufacturing for unparalleled reliability and security.