Strap Seals: The Best Way to Secure Truck Trailers

Strap Seals: The Best Way to Secure Truck Trailers

Posted by Steve Diebold

For over a century, strap seals with a predetermined length have been widely used in the tamper evident seals industry. Also, history-wise, the flat band security seal has already been the standard for sealing truck trailer doors ever since trucks have been transporting cargo. These days, strap seals, made of either metal or plastic, remain the standard and the go-to option in the transportation industry.

If you are looking for one to secure your truck trailers, the Plainview, New York, headquarters and factory of American Casting & Manufacturing produces and distributes strap seals of every kind. Since strap seals have been used on trucks for a long time, drivers are already quite familiar with them. Users have gotten accustomed to the ease with which they may be stored and handled.

Selecting the right metal seal for you

Typically, metal strap seals fall into one of two categories. The first one is completely flat and secured with a tab within a rectangular enclosure. The other category features a globe or ball at its tip, and its seal is secured by means of circular wires. Furthermore, there are a number of subtypes within those two broad categories that are sized and styled differently to accommodate different door locks and individual tastes.

All of our band seals give extremely excellent proof of tampering when applied and examined properly. However, the ball type seals, such as the B1 and G1, are generally thought to be more tamper resistant. The Model B1 has a locking ball that the band may pass through, allowing for more thorough checks. In contrast, the lock mechanism on Model G1 is just as reliable but considerably cheaper.

There are two thicknesses of flat metal seals available, and the widths vary to fit vehicles with varying sizes of lock apertures on the latch. AC&M's model FC4 is the thickest of the two locks, having a deeper body that makes it harder to get into with tools. The additional variants, FC1, FC2, and FC3, are even more cost-effective while still providing effective protection against opening and clear proof of any attempted breach.

Plastic Fixed Length Strap Seals

AC&M's plastic strap seals may be split into two categories. The most popular truck seal is the barcoded BCTS, which works in tandem with the regular duty type 4001. If the lock is cut, tampered with, or unlocked, it leaves visible proof. Another popular choice is AC &M's heavy-duty HS75 and HS115 models. They have a stronger draw force and a unique multi-point locking system that makes them ideal for demanding situations. As far as fixed-length plastic security seals go, the HS seals are some of the best available.

Many truck drivers prefer using plastic strap seals for various reasons. One is that plastic strap seals are easier to handle because of their reduced weight and rounded corners. Aside from this, plastic strap seals can also be marked and color-coded with greater flexibility than metal seals, and their markings are large and easy to see. All of the plastic seals we've discussed here come in a rainbow of hues and can be purchased pre-stamped or with a user's unique markings.

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding our seals or would want more information about how to install strap seals on trucks, among other possible applications. All kinds of shipping and transportation enterprises are among the thousands of customers AC&M serves every year. After 110 years, we've accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience. At your request, we will provide advice, samples, or prices.

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