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Security Labels and Security Tapes are a common tool for protecting assets both inside casinos for operations, and in the supply chain for casino equipment and supplies. The many types available from American Casting & Mfg can be viewed at the tape/label page of the AC&M web site.

Casino guests rarely see most of the security labels, tapes or other sealing devices in use. The security personnel who use them normally work under tight control, and in secure areas. Even on the gaming floor activity involving sealed items is often cordoned off, out of view of the guests.

Typical security labels or tapes have unique identifiers including barcodes, specialty codes, and/or serial numbers. These are used to record when it is applied or removed, and to maintain inventory and tracking records. Here are 6 of the common uses in casinos for security labels and tapes.

Securing Gambling Machines

A tamper evident security tape or security label is often used to detect the opening of a gambling machine. Authorized personnel must remove and replace the label or tape when accessing certain parts of the machine for service or refilling cash and ticket compartments. Sometimes the machine itself is not sealed externally, but critical inside access points will have a security label or seal to be opened under stricter control. These are internal functions beyond minor maintenance issues like paper jams or system resets.

Securing Cash and Paper Assets

The cash moving through a casino operation needs continuous control and is sealed at various times, depending on each casino’s security protocol. It normally arrives in a sealed container which can be a bulk container, bank bag, or individual carriers that fit slot machines or cash dispensers. Each container will likely have a security label or may be closed with security tape. In the case of bags, a mechanical seal is used.

Cash in transit within the casino travels in secure carts which are usually sealed with a security label or mechanical seal and are transported to all areas where cash is dispensed or handled.

Also, the paper used for cash vouchers is closely guarded and is often sealed in secure containers until printed and issued to a guest. This requires security tape for cartons and containers and sometimes the internal cassette in a machine that prints the vouchers.

The coupons and guest gift vouchers that are pre-printed are also transported and stored in sealed cartons and containers.

Tracking Inventory and Use Rates of Essentials

To ensure sufficient supplies of key items are kept in stock, and to prevent unauthorized access or pilferage, casinos apply security tapes and labels to cartons, storage cabinets and transfer containers of many articles. Playing cards, dice, gaming table equipment, and slot machine parts, as well as the casino’s member ID cards, are among these.

Security labels and tapes also are used to protect valuable hospitality supplies such as liquor, cigarettes, complimentary gifts and prizes. The seals indicate any opening, which helps to deter and detect possible losses from pilfering or even accidental opening. This type of use extends both to the gaming area of the casino as well as attached hotels, restaurants and bars. You may even find them on the mini bar in casino hotel rooms.

Protecting Inbound Casino Supplies And Equipment

This is a common but often unseen use of security tape. The tape is applied to boxes of items that must maintain the integrity from door to floor. Things like dice, roulette balls, and playing cards that leave the manufacturing plant are closed with security tape which is configured as package tape. That security tape is inspected and removed at the casino to assure that the contents of the carton are not violated in transit. The same application of tape or labels is used for any inbound printed material, forms, equipment, data components or other sensitive items requiring tamper evidence before use.

Tape is commonly used for cartons and larger containers and is often applied in the same way as normal packing tape. Labels are used for a wide range of packages, usually smaller items like envelopes and internal packing.

Often an added layer of security is applied with a mechanical security seal on trucks or other vehicles. The type of seal used can be a lighter tamper evident seal, or heavy duty barrier seal, depending on the kinds of exposure to outsiders the cargo will have during transit.

Guarding Sensitive Electronics and Technology

Casinos rely heavily on advanced technology for every part of their operation. Data storage and computing centers are tightly controlled. Cameras and movement monitoring, record keeping and accounting, game controls, transactional records, inventory and almost everything that occurs, runs in concert with computers and electronics. Security labels and security tape are applied to electronic equipment to monitor, detect, and record access to these devices or their controls.

Sealing Physical Spaces and Facility Access Points

Within a casino property, there are many uses for security labels and tape to detect opening, or closing of doors, gates, and other access points. Some of these include storage areas for supplies or maintenance equipment, restricted doors, bins. Also, labels or seals protect mechanical control panels, valves or switches, control cabinets, for physical operations including electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Some of these require a mechanical seal instead of a label, but AC&M supplies all types of security seals to fit almost any possible need.

An experienced security expert is always available to help casino operators in getting the right security label, security tape or tamper evident seal to meet your needs.

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