Securing High-Value Cargo: A Closer Look at the Ongoing Battle Against Theft

Securing High-Value Cargo: A Closer Look at the Ongoing Battle Against Theft

Posted by Steve Diebold

According to estimates provided by the National Cargo Security Council, annual cargo theft losses loom around a staggering 50 billion US dollars. A closer look at the figures reveals that roughly 20 billion dollars of these losses are incurred within the United States alone.

However, it's imperative to recognize that these estimates tend to be conservative in nature. The shadow of cargo theft, with its insidious reach, remains a challenge to quantify accurately. Reporting incidents of cargo theft largely depends on voluntary disclosure, and a significant portion of these incidents unfold in obscurity, either undiscovered or unreported.

Guarding High-Value Cargo

Once, consumer electronics reigned as the most coveted prize for thieves seeking to intercept high-value cargo during transit. The allure was undeniable due to their exorbitant worth. However, a seismic shift in the landscape emerged around 2010, as reports began to reveal a change in the tide.

The prime target for theft during transportation and storage, a position it still commands today, turned out to be food and beverages. The reasons behind this transformation are multifaceted. These commodities are abundant, easily sold on illicit markets, and often pose an almost insurmountable challenge when it comes to tracking their origin.

Furthermore, another compelling factor contributing to the rise of food theft is the sheer magnitude of the food and beverage market. While consumer electronics, both in transit and on store shelves, boast an estimated worth exceeding one trillion dollars, it pales in comparison to the colossal value of the food and beverage industry.

This global market is believed to be worth nearly seven times more than its electronic counterpart. Not only is the food market larger, but it's also characterized by a dizzying array of products, transport options, and points of access. This extensive and diverse landscape of opportunities presents thieves with a wider range of targets, spanning more locations and offering broader access.

In What Way Does Seals Help in Cargo Security?

In the unending battle against cargo theft, both from internal and external sources, the use of high strength seals emerges as a formidable deterrent and detection tool. While it's undeniable that seals and locks cannot thwart every attempt at cargo theft, their value lies in their capacity to provide deterrence and detection mechanisms. When applied effectively, seals become the guardians of cargo integrity, offering the potential to reduce and even prevent losses.

The principles underpinning the use of seals remain constant across industries and product groups, whether safeguarding electronics, jewelry, clothing, food, chemicals, fuels, or any item stored or transported in accessible locations. Tamper seals, once securely fastened, leave behind a trail of evidence should anyone attempt to breach them. When utilized correctly, they become watchful sentinels, offering clear indications of any tampering or unauthorized access.

These seals do more than indicate potential issues; they play a pivotal role in identifying when and, if in transit, where an intrusion occurred. By narrowing down the window of discovery, they empower investigations into theft, potentially leading to the apprehension or deterrence of would-be thieves. The term "indicative seals" aptly captures their function, as they truly "indicate" a problem, allowing users to swiftly detect any breach or violation. However, the success of this system also hinges on the diligence and integrity of those employing it.

The array of indicative seal options available is extensive, making their acquisition straightforward. However, it's imperative to grasp the methods used for monitoring and inspecting these seals to harness their full potential. American Casting & Manufacturing (AC&M) stands as a trusted source for a diverse range of indicative seals, offering not only a wide selection but also the expertise to assist you in maximizing their effectiveness.

When dealing with internal theft, which can happen as theft, skimming, or taking stored goods without permission inside a company's buildings or while they're being shipped, indicator seals are very helpful. Moreover, the proper use of these seals, such as barcoded seals, provides essential evidence of entry, serving as a lifeline for owners seeking to recover losses through insurance claims. The meticulous documentation of seal use and inspection can often mean the difference between a successful claim payout and an uphill battle. A well-managed, well-documented sealing program is an indispensable asset for cargo security and insurance.

Empower Your Cargo Security with AC&M

In the realm of cargo protection, the role of high-strength seals cannot be understated. While no security measure is infallible, these seals, such as cable security seals, serve as vigilant guards, deterring potential theft and leaving behind a clear trail of evidence for detection.

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