Safeguarding Computers and Electronics Through Two Major Seal Innovations

Safeguarding Computers and Electronics Through Two Major Seal Innovations

Posted by Steve Diebold

Tamper evident labels are required by almost every computer and electrical equipment for a variety of purposes. In most cases, it is solely for the product’s warranty. Opening or tampering detection is a common security need in corporate, medical, and governmental electronic equipment. For both safety and privacy purposes, asecurity seal is often installed. Considering safety requirements, they are utterly crucial.

Electronic Seals and Where They Are Required

Computers, regardless of their usage, whether it is for personal, business, or government, are amongst the most often secured products to monitor any form of tampering. For safety purposes, there are certain types of equipment that are highly vulnerable, thus, in need of necessary security precautions. One thing to take note of is that equipment and its housings come in a broad variety of shapes, sizes, and combinations, and some may be more difficult to secure than others.

Test devices, medical instruments, business control panels, metering tools, cable and modem boxes, financial and banking equipment, and nearly every consumer item are just a few examples of things that have been known to be impervious to tampering in recent times.

There are several applications for metering, including utility meters, meters on delivery vehicles for liquid and bulk commodities, taxi meters, fuel pumps, and office time clocks. Calibrated instruments like medical or environmental test equipment are diverse. Some examples include counting and surveillance devices for public areas, traffic control, and law enforcement devices such as speed detectors and field testing units, as well as environmental enforcement tools such as emission monitoring equipment.

There is a substantial volume of electronic systems in industrial manufacturing and production of products such as food, mechanical, chemical, and other consumer goods that are inaccessible to most individuals. The products’ standards, cleanliness, volume, filling, classification, and authenticity are regulated or surveilled by these technologies. This equipment requires further examination, calibration, or reset, and afterward sealed using a security tape once the permitted tasks are accomplished.

Two Major Innovations Are Changing the Game

Tamper evident labels are used in a wide range of electronic equipment. Conventional tampering seals such as padlocks, pull-up seals, and wire seals are oftentimes used to secure them. However, one vital thing to remember is many electrical equipment cannot be sealed owing to their form, size, or other variables.

Security Adhesive Seals

We now have a variety of self-adhesive security labels and other sticky materials that may be utilized on these devices owing to contemporary chemistry. There is a broad selection of sizes and forms to choose from when it comes to tamper-proof labels. A VOID or OPENED note might be shown on the labels or the equipment itself, depending on how the adhesives are applied. These are often placed on a seam or covering and must be removed to reach the interior functioning of a product.

All the adhesive security labels and tapes that you need are available at American Casting & Manufacturing. To expedite delivery, they can be printed with conventional text or business names or logos. A place for recording dates, names, times, or other essential data can also be included.

With security adhesive labels and tapes, it is already possible to secure containers previously arduous to close without modifying equipment.

The Importance Of Cup Seals In Safeguarding Bolts And Screws

For the screws or bolts fastening the coverings and access boards, American & Casting & Manufacturing has developed a special seal that makes tampering exceedingly difficult. For the screws or bolts fastening the coverings and access boards, American & Casting & Manufacturing has developed a special seal that makes tampering exceedingly difficult. Cup seals are composed of steel which serves as a highly efficient deterrent for unwanted access to electrical casings.

Cup Seals are available in 34-inch and 1-inch diameters with a diverse array of hole sizes to accommodate standard screw sizes. It is possible to stamp cup seals with letters and numbers so that they may be recognized and managed.

Almost every business in which a screw has to be safeguarded against extraction may use this one-of-a-kind device. It also has the capability of transforming into a wire seal through the supplied two holes. To utilize Cup Seals in a variety of applications, this extra functionality is necessary.

We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have regarding the use of seals in electronics or any other application. AC&M provides support for thousands of users all over the globe.

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