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AC&M is regarded as an “Essential Critical Infrastructure” supplier according to guidelines and directives of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD). Our tamper evident seals and related security devices are used in critical operations across multiple industries and government functions.

For this reason we have established protocols to safely continue full operation in the manufacture and delivery of seals and devices needed in these critical areas including: medical and health supply, transportation and shipping, utilities, military equipment, food safety, emergency services, law enforcement other key functions that touch everyone’s lives.

AC&M has produced seals in the US since 1910 and continues to be an important supplier to all industries and to government agencies and NGOs. Our ISO-9001:2015 certification is specifically for the manufacture of military and commercial tamper evident security seals. We are one of only a few companies still producing seals with all domestic content, and not relying heavily on imports to supply customers in the US.

To explain the scope of our presence, here are some examples of where seals are used:


Seals help guard and track pharmaceutical products, medicines, raw materials, plus medical tools and equipment in transit and storage. In medical forensics, they identify, protect and help monitor proper handling of test samples and test supplies. Seals are used in hospitals to maintain activity records, guard the supply and track the use of critical materials. This also includes biohazard and medical waste. This is a partial list of ways seals are used in medical operations worldwide. Many of these seal applications are in place to meet standards and requirements of the CDC, as well as other oversight requirements of services at federal, state and local levels

Emergency services

EMS services use seals to safeguard and identity their medical supply kits, essential equipment, and to clearly mark and isolate biohazard materials for safe handling.


Though this is a broad and comprehensive function, the most known use of security seals is as a key tool in protecting and tracking movement of all products during transportation by road, rail, air, and ships. Some of these uses are covered in the functions listed above and below.

Food and Agriculture

Seals are used throughout the entire food supply chain. They ensure quality, and purity at all stages from farm and processor to store shelves. Whether bulk dry foods, liquids in transport, or raw foods bound for market, seals identify the materials, deter contamination and monitor safe handling during transit and storage. Milk and dairy companies are among the largest, but hardly the only, seal users.

Transport of all types of food (by truck, rail or air) use seals to protect the contents and monitor movement. Tamper evident seals help assure a clean and safe conveyance. They are applied to verify the cleanliness of transport vehicles after tank wash, or trailer/container cleaning operations are done.


Electric utilities, Gas and Fuel suppliers employ seals widely for both safety and loss prevention.

Electric meters, substations and various critical controls and supplies are guarded against tampering or theft by seals. Meters typically use a lighter tamper seal while a control station or key supplies and equipment are often protected by stronger barrier seals made with cable.

The nuclear energy industry uses advanced and unique seals to protect many aspects of their operations including the storage of radioactive materials. Oil and gas companies employ seals to protect their products in transit and storage, as well as to secure valves and controls in production and processing facilities. Gas pumps now have adhesive security seals to protect their payment terminal from tampering.


The military uses heavy duty seals to safeguard military parts and munitions in transport and storage, while also securing many critical access points including gates and secure storage containers or facilities. There are numerous other uses for seals within every branch of military and defense.

Law Enforcement

Evidence and crime scenes are secured with seals to detect and monitor access. Law enforcement agencies also secure weapons and tactical field gear with seals, when not in use. Often a high strength seal is used unless quick access is needed. They also protect the personal property of those in their custody by sealing property baskets or lockers.

Banks and Money

Currency, coins, and securities are sealed with seals by various means. Bags, containers, ATM cartridges and armored trucks are sealed to detect and prevent tampering or theft. The application of seals starts at the production of money by the Treasury, and throughout the entire system of movement to federal and private bank facilities. Similar sealing measures are used in the transport of gold, other precious metals, and gemstones.

Securing The Seal Supply

AC&M has established safety protocols and are strictly adhering to the guidelines set forth by the CDC as well as State and local government to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are working to maintain the safety of our employees, customers, and anyone working with us, including suppliers and carriers.

We are proud to be a trusted supplier to these critical and essential industries and government agencies for over a century. (And US owned and operated by the founding family for all of those years.)

We are fully operational now. We have prepared to remain so through this critical time, and for years to come. For perspective, we have lasted through 2 world wars and numerous financial, medical, and other national crises.

Should anyone have questions or concerns about seals and our robust manufacturing and supply to the market, use the contact information below.

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