Preventing Utility Theft and Meter Tampering with Security Seals

Preventing Utility Theft and Meter Tampering with Security Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

Security Seals for Meter and Utility Theft Prevention

When you think about highly sought-after goods for thieves, you typically think of high ticket items or those that can easily be resold for profit. However, that’s not always the case.

It may be hard to believe, but every year in the United States, up to 10 billion dollars worth of electricity is stolen. This is alongside vast volumes of other utilities like gas, potable water, and even broadband connectivity. This kind of theft takes a major toll on the economic health of the nation, passing the costs on to users and taxpayers.

Traditional measures to safeguard meters and utilities

Security seals and locks on their own have not managed to keep up with the technological advancement of the pliers and pickers that can lay open even the most specialized protective measures. In short, it’s hard to guarantee that enclosures which house meters and supply points can stay untampered over the long run.

There are alternative security seals and locks that use biometrics like fingerprints and eyeball scans to allow access. However, they come with a hefty price tag so it’s not a financially feasible solution to install such advanced units everywhere.

These challenges served as the catalyst for American Casting and Manufacturing to come up with unique cup seals and padlock seals as a solution. They are simple to implement and cost-effective but require a considerable application of force to tamper with or break.

The cup seal bolt and fastener head protectors & padlock security seals

The cup seal bolt and fastener head protector prevent access to critical joints and screws that must be loosened in order to manipulate meters and utility points. The set comes with two bits and the back piece has a strategically positioned hole through which the screw should be inserted into the opening and tightened with the required torque.

Then, the front can be simply clicked into place, as the mechanism is self-locking and automatically kicks into action. Once the seal is locked, the only way to loosen or tamper with the protected screw is by distorting the cup seal which immediately makes tampering obvious to the naked eye.

The classic copolymer plastic padlock security seal is no fuss and comes in a number of custom and popular colors. The sliding motion to engage the lock is exceptionally smooth and the unit combines all the advantages of a traditional padlock with that of a disposable seal. There is space for inputting details like the name of the padlock installer and any warnings that might deter parties with malicious intent. The only way to release the lock is to cut the seal and again this sends a clear message of tampering.

American Casting and Manufacturing tamper evident seals are built to last. But they do not believe in complicating the life of the users with several tiny parts that must be tracked for safety. The products are self-contained and hardy, ideal for preventing electricity and utility thefts, many of which transpire only because the target is vulnerable and open to access. Visit our website to view all the security seals and products we offer.