Plastic Strap Seal: A Superior Fixed Length Model And Its Infinite Applications

Plastic Strap Seal: A Superior Fixed Length Model And Its Infinite Applications

Posted by Steve Diebold

The AC&M models HS75 and HS115, which come in a longer variant as well, have a breaking strength of more than 135 pounds (61.25 kilograms) and innovative features that are not found in any other security seals.

Because of its great strength and long-lasting resilience, the HS75 was originally designed to be a cargo seal but has since found use in a wide range of other applications. A contemporary plastic version of the metal ball seals that have been used on railway automobiles and trucks continuously since the 1800s and are still in use today have been developed.

There are several situations in which metal automobile seals might be undesirable, such as those in which their sharp edges could cause damage or in which the surrounding environment is hostile to metal. In contrast, the HS series of seals may perform the same function as a metal ball seal with the same level of resistance to tampering.

Engineering that is not seen in any other seal

The various gripping areas on the lock system of fixed length plastic seals, such as the HS75, give it more strength and ensure a secure closure. A patented retention device inside the lock is used to prevent tampering or inadvertent opening by force and vibration.

When it comes time to remove the lock, tools or devices that can be used to meddle with the lock are difficult to introduce without leaving obvious evidence. By contrast, this seal's flawless appearance makes it easier to detect any alterations or efforts to push, manipulate, change, or cut it.

Reliability and efficacy in implementation

Even though the HS seal's internal components are extremely accurate, sturdy, and well developed, the seal's user interface is simple. It's simple to lock, and the marks are easy to see. It's also simple to travel with, store, and use.

Monitoring or tracking may be done in a simple and reliable manner throughout the duration of use. Locking is straightforward with fixed length seals because they don't require any modification like smooth pull tight security seals. It's as simple as clicking them into place and making sure they're secured.

Broad applications

HS75 and HS115 have a slew of new applications despite their origins as cargo seals for trucks and other large vehicles. Valve and storage handle applications are frequent, especially in areas with high demands on cleanliness or in which metal or wire is deemed unsafe. Aside from this, HS seals are also an excellent alternative to metal because of their high-density polypropylene, which is resistant to deterioration by some chemicals.

Smooth edges, strength, and endurance make this seal suitable for marking or sealing animal skins, endangered animals, and other animal goods that are restricted or monitored. It may also be used to keep track of expensive items, such as art or clothes, that have been sealed to prevent tampering. In these and other applications, it has a lower risk of tearing, cutting, staining or corroding in comparison to metal seals.

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