Personal Seal Use: A Current Trend That is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Personal Seal Use: A Current Trend That is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Posted by Steve Diebold

Originally, only high-volume industries like logistics, energy, and storage could benefit from tamper-evident seals. Contrary to popular belief, plastic security seals, such as tamper evident seals, can actually be purchased in small quantities if needed for personal reasons.

Stamped seals, either off-the-shelf varieties or ones made to order, are now readily available to the general public from the manufacturer, and at very reasonable prices. You can get as few as 100 personalized barcoded security seals sent to your door, complete with serial numbers and/or your contact information, to use in a variety of situations.

Plastic pull-up seals, such as the AC&M model AP-25, and simple padlock security seals, such as the model 8001, are two common kinds of seals used for personal gain. These can be made in a variety of hues and personalized stampings. Moreover, security labels with adhesive backing are readily available in rolls of 1,000 and can be sealed in a variety of ways.

Personal Uses of Seals

Seals are commonly used in the industrialized sector to prevent fluid leaks from moving parts, but they also have numerous consumer applications. When it involves personal use, security stamps are most often used for the following purposes:


Some fixed length security seals can be used to identify your bag or to discover tampering in places where this is permitted. Before affixing a seal in a locked state, check with the airline to see if the TSA will need to examine your baggage. Even if the zipper or fastener is open or unlocked, the seals can still be fastened.


You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are secure in any locker, whether you're at the gym, the club, the office, or a public building, as long as the door is securely sealed. Alternatively, if the locker is unlocked, you will notice.

Tools and Parts

There will be jobs where you absolutely must know that nobody tampered with your toolbox or parts containers or used your power tools while you were gone. The use of seals is one way to increase reliability.

Storage Units

Whether you're storing items at home or in a shared facility, knowing they'll stay shut after you've locked the door is much easier with a reliable seal. Instead of relying on locks, which require physical possession of the keys, a seal can prove that a storage container was never opened or provide additional security if it was.

Heavy Equipment, Trailers, and Even Sport Vehicles

You can rest assured that your motorized belongings will only be used when you want them to be, with the assistance of seals. For temporary or permanent storage, you can lock the entrance or turn off the ignition. For your mower, tractor, four-wheeler, boat, recreational vehicle, or another comparable vehicle.

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