How to Select the Right Security Seal for Your Metering Device

How to Select the Right Security Seal for Your Metering Device

Posted by Steve Diebold

Padlock seals stand as prominent figures in meter security because of their widespread usage. At AC&M, our commitment to excellence extends to crafting several types of padlock seals, each with a myriad of variations and customizations. While these find application in utility meters, their versatility extends far beyond that, catering to diverse fields.

Yet, your spectrum of meter security options goes beyond padlock seals. At American Casting, we present a diverse array of security seals meticulously designed for metering devices, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our dedication to providing reliable and customizable protection underscores the importance of offering a comprehensive range of solutions. When it comes to securing your meters, our assortment of seals is not only a testament to variety but also a commitment to formal, professional, and dependable security solutions.

Exploring Innovative Padlock Seals with Solid Wire Hasps

When it comes to meter security, AC&M's latest offering introduces a heightened standard through padlock seals featuring solid wire hasps. Originating in an era of robust, all-steel construction, the initial design persists in contemporary service. Transitioning into the 1960s marked a pivotal juncture, witnessing the ascendancy of plastic with steel wire hasps as the preferred choice for electric meters, a legacy ingrained in the seal industry.

Progress takes center stage with the introduction of the XPC-2, an advanced padlock seal characterized by a suite of tamper detecting and performance features. Encased in a resilient clear acrylic jacket, this seal stands impervious to harsh conditions, ensuring the safeguarding of critical information. Complementing this, an XPC version adorned with a highly visible barcode caters to those prioritizing both readability and security.

The significance of these jacketed seals lies in their ability to render tampering overt and challenging, leaving behind irrefutable evidence. This sophistication becomes paramount in scenarios where meters are read remotely or through centralized AMR systems, especially as utility personnel interact with meters less frequently. You can certainly elevate your security protocol with innovations that not only endure the test of time but redefine the benchmarks for tamper proof excellence.

Innovative Sealing Solutions with All Plastic Padlock Seals

In the new progressive era of security, AC&M's flagship offering, the model 7001, reigns supreme as the most utilized all plastic padlock seal in electric metering. Recognized as the epitome of excellence, these plastic padlock seals have earned the moniker "demand" seals due to their prevalent use on demand meters. These meters, requiring a monthly or frequent seal replacement, find an ideal companion in the 7001, tailored for swift, one-handed application and removal by meter technicians.

Beyond the demand meters, the versatility of all plastic security seals is also noticeable. Embracing a simple yet effective design, these seals become the go-to choice for devices with smaller openings or those demanding easy breakaway. Think of meters in taxis, valve controls, digital remote reading boxes, and those managing bulk liquids like fuel, chemicals, food concentrates, spirits, and solvents—all benefiting from the seamless functionality of these innovative plastic security seals.

While their design leans towards simplicity, it also enhances tamper detection. Unlike some sturdier seals, the straightforwardness of these all-plastic security seals makes tampering visibly evident. This transcendent solution doesn't limit itself to electric metering but finds applications in diverse sectors, including medical, banking, food, and air transport. Elevate your security standards with a symbol of ingenuity—the all plastic padlock seal—setting the benchmark for uncompromising security across industries.

New Wire Seals for Enhanced Security

Wire seals have been around since the 1800s and have been an integral part of security solutions ever since. The earliest renditions, cast in lead, are used to this day. Alternatives, however, emerged as a result of health considerations and the search for more effective sealing techniques, ushering in a new era of sealing solutions.

At the forefront of innovation stands the unparalleled Model PSW-97, a patented plastic and wire security seal boasting cutting-edge precision with a stainless steel locking plunger. This avant-garde solution redefines visibility and tamper evidence, setting new benchmarks in the field of security.

Versatility takes center stage, as the PSW-97 accommodates varying wire lengths, ensuring compatibility with a diverse range of meters. Engineered to withstand the test of time and the rigors of outdoor environments, this seal emerges as a standard, promising years of unwavering service. The PSW-97 exemplifies our dedication to developing innovative security solutions by combining classic design with modern technology.

The Versatility of Pull Up Cable Seals

The traditional strategy involves using specialized locks, like the barrel lock with a tamper evident seal, to achieve strong security solutions. The selection of security measures hinges on the perceived risk and the financial implications associated with metered billing. Locations exposed to heightened risks or meters serving large-volume users often employ this dual-defense strategy.

A shift is also noticeable in some utility practices, favoring the adoption of a singular, higher-strength solution known as the "barrier seal." This strategic choice eliminates the need for both a lock and a seal. The go-to option for this application is the pull-up cable seal, renowned for its resilience and versatility. These seals, requiring a cable cutter for removal, find utility in various settings:

  • Junctions
  • Current transformers
  • Remote substations
  • Tool and equipment storage
  • Securement of valuable wire spools

Boasting a seamless, no-tool installation process, pull-up cable seals ensure a swift and secure sealing experience. The array of available cable sizes empowers users to tailor the strength and size to virtually any opening or device. This versatility positions high-strength cable seals as the ideal choice for fortifying on-site equipment, securing storage areas, protecting sub-stations, well heads, and other remote assets or controls.

Advancing Security with Adhesive Closures

The emergence of tamper evident adhesive closures introduces novel options for short-term sealing applications, encompassing a spectrum from temporary shut-off meters and equipment in transit to post-calibration test tools. Tamper evident seals are marked by a warning message intricately embedded in the adhesive.

As these tapes or labels are removed, they not only serve their immediate purpose but also leave an indelible record, ensuring a permanent trace of any possible interference. On top of that, there are also security labels designed to imprint the message both on the device and the label itself.

Simultaneously, a variant of these labels ensures that while the message is retained on the label, no residue marks the surface of the protected device. This particular attribute proves especially advantageous for safeguarding high-value assets like test equipment and computers.

Diverse Sealing Solutions Here at AC&M

While this overview delves into the prevalent applications within utility sectors, it merely scratches the surface of the extensive array of security seal options available. Beyond utility meters, a variety of sealing solutions cater to safeguarding various domains, including buildings, storage facilities, equipment, supplies, tools, and diverse assets.

Discover the versatility that cable seals, bolt seals, smooth pull-tight seals, printed nylon ties, and specialty tags offer, each created to meet particular security needs. The vastness of options ensures that, regardless of the context, there is an apt solution to strengthen your assets against unauthorized access and tampering.

Consider the vast possibilities that await in enhancing the protection of your valuable resources with American Casting & Manufacturing, a leader in sealing solutions for over a century. Connect with us via email at or through our website at For personalized assistance, feel free to reach us at 1-866-304-4289 within the US or 516-349-7010 internationally. The field of security knows no bounds; let AC&M be your steadfast partner in fortifying your assets.