How Tamper Evident Seals Can Increase Food Supply Safety

How Tamper Evident Seals Can Increase Food Supply Safety

Posted by Steve Diebold

Maximize Food Supply Safety with Tamper Evident Security Seals

In addition to being more than a $1 trillion dollar industry that Americans rely on, agriculture and related fields are vital to the global economy; the U.S. exports over $140 billion a year in agricultural products as of 2021.

Every state relies on the food and agricultural industries in some form for their economic well-being. According to the USDA, agriculture and food sectors provide 10% of U.S. employment and make up 13% of an average household’s spending.

Food safety is important for many reasons, especially with so many jobs and the health of so many people at stake. It’s important to understand the impact security has on these industries; whether considering contaminants naturally entering packaging, air speeding up the natural decaying possess, or even tampering or malicious intent, procedures must be followed to allow for maximum safety to protect the food supply.

American Casting & Manufacturing has a variety of tamper evident and security seals to help keep the food supply safe. We offer:

●Adjustable length plastic seals to fit a variety of closure sizes

●Heavy duty bolt lock seals

●Fixed length cable locks

Adjustable length cable seals

●Fixed length plastic security seals

●Flat metal strap seals

●Padlock seals

●Seal tools

Tamper evident tape and labels

Wire and wire seals

Each of these products are ready to order and many have been pre-numbered, or they can be customized for a particular need or application. Complete customization offers another layer of security plus ease of use, as barcodes and serial numbers allow for easy integration with supply chain management tools.

The benefit of using these security seals is that after an item is sealed, it’s easy to tell if a product, box, or cargo container has been tampered with. This allows distributors to pull the items in question and take them out of stock to ensure the safety of consumers.

Keeping food safe is an important part of keeping our economy going, keeping the public safe, and ensuring that revenue doesn’t decline due to unnecessary or malicious tampering. American Casting & Manufacturing is committed to providing the highest quality tamper evident seals for the agriculture and food industries in an effort to help keep the food supply safe.