Five Reasons AC&M Defines Stability in Securing Critical Assets

Five Reasons AC&M Defines Stability in Securing Critical Assets

Posted by Steve Diebold

These are times of historically rapid changes in transportation systems, food and medicine supplies, international finance, energy sources, water supplies, a myriad of government functions, and so many enterprises that sustain our lives.

Within these areas of commerce lie critical assets that need protection and monitoring at multiple points, and security seals play an important role in protecting them. Seals help mitigate losses, accidents, misdirection, and other risks. They provide a safety signal for operating the complex physical functions of producing, delivering, and maintaining most of the things we rely on. So, it is essential that supply and performance of seals be stable and reliable.

As a leading security seal manufacturer for over a century AC&M is focused on the important role we play. Our concentrated approach and consistent performance define stability and reliability. We remain at the forefront of the industry as a trusted supplier to thousands of commercial, government and institutional seal users worldwide.

Here are five reasons we have earned that trust and continue to lead in our industry. They are part of why AC&M is defining what it means to be a stable supplier despite dramatic changes and challenging times that have tested us all.

  • Over 110 Years of Continuous Service

We are owned and managed by the 4th generation of our founder’s family. This continuity of management and control is unique in the seal industry. It gives us a more informed perspective that strengthens our ability to meet the changing demands of the many industries we serve. AC&M is there when needed, to supply the latest technology with exceptionally reliable service and delivery. Effectiveness of seals requires trust between user and supplier and is made stronger with relationships that stand the test of time.

  • Centralized Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations

Our Plainview NY headquarters is the base for coordinated control of every aspect of production and delivery of our seals. This provides the capability to serve our customers consistently and the flexibility to keep up with changing conditions and avoid interruption of service. From R&D and managing raw materials to production and delivery of finished seals we control quality throughout the process. By centralizing manufacturing and limiting outsourcing, we are less impacted by disruptions in global supply lines. We can plan our operations and customer service to maintain production and meet each customers’ specific requirements on time. An important way that we define stability.

  • Singular Product Focus and Corporate Mission

American Casting & Mfg. specializes in tamper evident seals and related products. Within that area we make and sell seals of nearly all types from light indicative seals to heavy barrier seals with hundreds of models, sizes, and color options within the product lines. But variety is kept within the field of security seals. Our entire organization is focused on that core specialty, and we do not venture into other fields. Nor are we divided by outside ownership or affiliations that would lessen our commitment to be the best at what we do. Our expertise grows from this concentrated mindset.

Serving our clients with the best in seals and service has always been a passion for everyone at AC&M.

  • Latest Technology Backed by Decades of Experience

Our factory utilizes advanced production equipment and methods that have been customized and adapted to the special products we make. We still hold traditional values of person-to-person service and have even kept some tried and true production innovations inside our modern facility. This combination of new and traditional is only made possible by our longevity and acquired skills. The combined experience of our staff in seals and security issues around tamper evidence is unequalled.

  • Global Credentials and, Standards Compliance

Our public facing credentials speak to our ongoing commitment and drive to provide the highest level of quality and service to every customer. We are certified under ISO-9001:2015 standards for manufacture of commercial and military seals. We participate in writing ISO standards for seals under ISO-17712 and are registered with the US government, the UN, and numerous agencies of other governments and regulatory bodies. We supply seals to over 135 countries and are proud to serve a vast and growing number of industries, government agencies and enterprises here in the US and abroad.

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