Exploring One of the Industry's Best Wire Security Seals, the PSW-97

Exploring One of the Industry's Best Wire Security Seals, the PSW-97

Posted by Steve Diebold

Model PSW-97®: One of the Best Wire Security Seals Around

When it comes to your security seal needs, the vast amount of different seal types and manufacturers may be overwhelming. Not only is AC&M an industry leader in the manufacturing of security seals, we offer unparalleled assistance in choosing the right job for your needs.

If you are thinking that a wire security seal may be the right tool for your job, consider the PSW-97® from AC&M. Read on for its applications and what makes it stand out against other available wire security seals.

Applications for wire security seals

Wire seals are the oldest and most versatile type of tamper-evident seals. Wire seals with lead, commonly used in the past, are being replaced for most wire seal applications. This has introduced a range of alternatives.

Wire seals are commonly used to secure locks and closures with openings of 1mm or more. Examples include:

●Utility meters and other metering devices

●Storage boxes

●Cabinets and bins


●Coin Boxes

Wire seals are a great option because they are easy to install, sometimes they don’t even require tools. But they are durable and are tamper evident, providing a great layer of protection and level of deterrent against tampering or theft. They also can be made with different length wires to accommodate a wide variety of needs.

PSW-97®: The superior choice for wire security seals

The PSW-97® locking mechanism was patented by AC&M. The way it works is that its stainless steel plunger (key) pushes and snaps firmly into place inside the seal. Thus, it can deter or expose tampering. Unlike other plastic and wire security seals, wire options are almost unlimited. The reason for this is that the wire is not attached permanently to the seal body. With this, you can select the right wire type and length whenever needed.

The tamper evident seal is applied by inserting twisted wire of various metals (3-ply or 4-ply galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper are available). Since the wire isn't permanently attached, we can supply it in convenient pre-cut lengths. We also offer bulk rolls for compact storage, the length able to be cut to desired lengths by users.

The body shape allows larger marking and high readability, more so than other wire security seals. Large letters and sequential numbers can be stamped into each seal, which offers both visibility and customization for users. Logos, languages, and numbers are just a few ways seals can be customized. We also offer customized packing, wire options, and scheduling, just to name a few amenities.

PSW-97® seals can be locked without the need for tools, too. The seal boasts almost 45 kgs (100 lbs) of breaking strength. Despite this level of strength, the security seals can be removed with common wire cutting tools.

The PSW-97® has been tested and proven to remain secure during continuous outdoor use, including inclement weather and other harsh conditions. Standard PSW-97® bodies boast premium styrene plastic in opaque or transparent colors, in addition to clear options. For severe-duty, solvent-resistant acetal polymer is recommended. Both materials are durable, in addition to visible evidence of tampering or attempts to open by force. When this happens, the body shows such signs as cracks and breaks.

About American Casting & Manufacturing

This tamper-evident seal is manufactured and controlled at our factory and headquarters in Plainview, New York. We have over 100 years of seal manufacturing experience -- with an advanced facility certified to ISO-9001:2008 standards for the manufacture of commercial and military seals. We supply all types of tamper evident and high-security seals to thousands of private and government entities around the world.

Trust AC&M for your security sealing needs. Contact us to consult one of our experts for information or assistance. Our decades of experience can help you get the right seal for your needs, advice on application, and best handling practices, or whatever assistance you may need.