Discover Reliable Wire Seals You Can Depend On

Discover Reliable Wire Seals You Can Depend On

Posted by Steve Diebold

Wire seals emerge as a versatile solution applicable across scenarios where mechanical seals find their utility. Whether your sealing requirements pertain to large or small openings, spanning inches or feet, our selection of wire seals is adept at accommodating various dimensions. From minute openings under a millimeter to more expansive spaces, wire seals seamlessly navigate through the intricacies of your security needs.

Application of Wire Seals for Almost Everything

The adaptability of wire seals extends to their threading capabilities, be it through a single hole or multiple openings. Notably, wire seals stand out as one of the most effective choices for ensuring tamper evidence, adding an extra layer of security to your assets.

While acknowledging that wire seals may not be universally applicable, their physical potential extends to a broad spectrum of applications. Common use cases encompass utility meters, valves, drums, ATM cash boxes, test equipment, totes, post-inspection instruments, machinery, weight and measure devices, as well as tanks and controls.

In instances where challenges arise, such as sealing a large device with an extended band or tie, wire seals present an optimal solution. Their utility further extends to sealing multiple handles, valves, or meters in succession, offering a cost-effective alternative to using multiple seals for the same task.

Sealing Solutions for Every Need

You can explore a variety of sealing options meticulously crafted by AC&M, which is a pioneer in manufacturing the most extensive assortment of wire seals in the industry. Our comprehensive lineup encompasses not only conventional types but also showcases innovative wire seals devised by our seasoned engineers, each designed to meet unique security requirements.

AC&M offers lead and wire seals, seamlessly crimping closed with the precision of a press. For efficient sealing without the need for tools, our steel seals snap closed, ensuring uncompromised security. Additionally, our range extends to aluminum seals that crimp closed and plastic security seals featuring a no-tool metal locking system, catering to diverse preferences and applications.

Notably, we take pride in producing our twisted wires, incorporating different metals in various configurations. This meticulous approach allows us to offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs. AC&M also provides top-quality crimping tools meticulously designed for both lead and aluminum seals. Our arsenal includes a stock of standard tools as well as the option for customized press dies, ensuring that your sealing processes are not only secure but also tailored to your exact specifications.

Two Innovative Wire Sealing Solutions

See the distinctiveness of AC&M's wire seals through two exceptional offerings. The first, our unique cup seals, serves a dual purpose as both a wire seal and a protective cover for screws or bolts. With advanced 360-degree multiple lock points, the Cup Seal stands as an unparalleled deterrent to tampering, exemplifying resilience and security among indicative seals.

Equally remarkable is our model PSW97 plastic security wire seals, featuring a stainless steel locking plunger that effortlessly snaps closed by hand. Crafted with transparent plastic, solid colors, or petroleum-resistant materials, this seal, originally favored for electric meters, is engineered to endure challenging outdoor conditions over prolonged periods.

Eco-Conscious Solutions for Secure Sealing

With a century-long legacy as a global leader in seal production, AC&M has traditionally manufactured lead seals for various applications. However, in light of the well-documented hazards associated with lead handling, we actively advocate for environmentally responsible alternatives.

Recognizing the importance of transitioning away from lead, we provide a range of alternatives, urging our valued customers to consider these updated options. This proactive approach aligns with our commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and the gradual phasing out of lead seals.

Explore Tailored Wire Solutions with AC&M

Discover a variety of wire options tailored to your specific needs at AC&M. Our extensive range encompasses both stock and custom wires, available in pre-cut lengths or on spools, crafted from three distinct metals. Whether you prefer seals with no wire or desire a specific variation, we offer a diverse selection.

Standard wires, comprising galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper, can be manufactured with up to four strands (plys). While we maintain stock items such as bulk spools of 500 or 1,000 feet, our commitment to customization allows us to provide spool lengths tailored to your requirements. Ready-made wires, ranging from 6 inches and beyond, are readily available, and we are equipped to create custom lengths. Most notably, our wire seals can seamlessly integrate the wire of your choice—attached, inserted, or bundled with the seals.

At American Casting & Manufacturing, our seasoned experts are unparalleled in their knowledge about wire seals. We welcome inquiries, information requests, and sample orders. For comprehensive assistance during Eastern Daylight business hours, reach out via email, phone, or online chat. Additionally, our website serves as a 24/7 platform, offering detailed information and convenient seal ordering from anywhere.