Betting on Security: 6 Use Cases for Security Tape and Labels in Casinos

Betting on Security: 6 Use Cases for Security Tape and Labels in Casinos

Posted by Steve Diebold

Security labels and security tapes are common tools for protecting casinos’ assets, both inside during operations and in the supply chain for equipment and supplies. Security tapes and labels are extremely versatile because there are many different types, which you can explore here.

While casino guests rarely see security tapes, labels, and other sealing devices in use, they play an integral role. Security personnel utilize them in secure areas and under tight control -- away from guests for an added layer of security.

But be assured they are playing a vital function in casino security. Here are six common uses of security tapes and labels in casinos.

1. Securing gambling machines

A tamper evident security tape or security label detects the opening of a gambling machine. When accessing certain parts of the machine for service or refilling cash and ticket compartments, said tape or label must be removed and later replaced. Though the machine itself may not sealed externally, the internals may have tape or label for heightened security. These are internal functions beyond minor maintenance issues; the latter can range from paper jams to system resets.

2. Securing cash and paper assets

The cash that moves in and out of a casino requires continuous control. It must also be sealed at various times, though this may vary depend on security protocol. Cash often arrives in sealed containers, including bulk containers or bank bags. These containers are likely to have security labels or may be closed with security tape; with bank bags, mechanical seals are commonplace.

When cash is moved through casinos, secure carts are used. These are typically sealed with security labels or mechanical seals, not to mention transported to places where cash is stored and distributed. Pre-printed gift vouchers and the like are also transported and stored in sealed cartons and containers.

The paper used for cash vouchers is closely guarded, too. More often than not, it's sealed in secure containers before being printed and distributed to guests. Security tape is required for not only cartons and containers but internal cassettes in voucher printing machines.

3. Tracking inventory and use rates of essentials

To keep key items in stock, secure, and as a way to prevent unauthorized access, casinos apply security tapes and labels to cartons, storage cabinets and transfer containers. Playing cards, dice, and gaming table equipment are just a few examples to consider.

Security labels and tapes can also protect valuable hospitality supplies. Examples range from liquor to gifts and prizes that patrons can win. Seals show evidence of tampering, reducing the likelihood of losses being sustained or pilfering occurring. This use extends to not only the gaming area of the casino but other areas such as hotel rooms and restaurants. Mini bars in certain hotel rooms may also have seals to protect valuables.

4. Protecting inbound casino supplies and equipment

When it comes to unseen security tape uses, this is among the most common. Tape is often used to protect boxes of items that must maintain their integrity from door to floor. Dice, roulette balls, and other items are closed with security tape, being configured as package tape. The tape is inspected and removed at the casino so that the contents of the containers aren't tampered with or violated. Such application also applies to any inbound printed material, forms, equipment, or other sensitive items casinos are known to deal with.

Tape is often incorporated on cartons and larger containers, being used in a similar fashion as normal packing tape. Labels, meanwhile, are used for a wide range of packages, though smaller items like envelopes tend to be the most common examples.

5. Guarding sensitive electronics and technology

Casinos rely heavily on advanced technology to keep their day-to-day operations ongoing. Data storage and computing centers require the utmost control and security. This is true given such elements as cameras and movement monitoring, record keeping and accounting, game controls, and inventory. Security labels and security tape are used so that access to devices and controls can be monitored, detected, and able to record access.

6. Controlling access points

Many uses for security labels and tape exist in casinos, including detecting opening, closing doors, and other points of access. Storage areas for supplies or maintenance equipment are also included in this discussion. Security labels and seals have also been able to protect mechanical control panels, valves or switches, control cabinets, for physical operations including electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Some of these require a mechanical seal instead of a label. Whatever your needs entail, AC&M provides different types of security seals to fit different needs.

An experienced security expert is always available to help casino operators in getting the right security label, security tape or tamper evident seal to meet your needs.

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