Bearer of Excellence Since 1910: The History of American Casting and Manufacturing

Bearer of Excellence Since 1910: The History of American Casting and Manufacturing

Posted by Steve Diebold

American Casting & Manufacturing is honored and pleased to supply tamper-evident and high-security metal seals, plastic seals, and adhesive seals to businesses of all kinds all over the world. Seals, both regular and personalized, can be directly ordered from them. They also offer competitive pricing, cutting-edge design, and a commitment to our clients. You can always find the most up-to-date solutions for your security needs among their many available seals and cutting-edge tools.

With a history dating all the way back to 1910, they already have a long and distinguished past. Despite this, they are still expanding at a rate comparable to today's market overall. Norman and Harry Wenk, siblings, founded the company in their garage in 1910. They first invented lead roofing washers as a sealant and fastener for metal roofs.

In all honesty, it's impossible to overstate the significance these siblings have built for the building sector. The brothers eventually became authorities on lead and wire sealing as a direct result of their work in this area. To detect any attempts at tampering, they implemented wired lead sealing and tamper evident labels. They also designed and created strap seals for the doors of railroad cargo cars and other applications where safety is paramount.

The seals that Norman and Harry produced became well known for their superior quality. So, the business expanded, and now they can produce metal stampings to use as seals. Padlock-style seals, wire seals, metal strip seals, meter seals for electricity and water, and more all made use of these. The Wenk family ran the company out of Brooklyn until 1961 when they moved operations to Plainview.

Norman and Harry were later joined by their sons, grandchildren, and even great-grandsons. To date, American Casting & Manufacturing is now being run by the fourth generation of the same family. The commitment to providing only the highest quality goods has turned this into a family tradition.

Although there is no denying that quite a bit has altered in the last century and a half, AC&M still remains dedicated to offering only the highest quality tamper evident security seals and continually growing to meet the demands of the market. Not only is it important for their customers, but also for them, to know that their goods are safe and secure. This is because the needs and goals for security are always changing.

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