American Casting & Manufacturing’s Role as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Supplier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

American Casting & Manufacturing’s Role as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Supplier During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Steve Diebold

American Casting & Manufacturing has been named an “Essential Critical Infrastructure” supplier according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD). This means that our tamper evident security seals and related security devices are used in critical operations across multiple industries and government functions, even throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Since we need to maintain full operation to fulfill our duties, we have established safety protocols to allow us to continue delivering devices in key industries including:

  • Medical and health supply
  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Transportation and shipping
  • Utilities
  • Military equipment
  • Food safety
  • Emergency services
  • Law enforcement

And other essential functions that are needed in everyday life.

Here are some examples of how are seals are being used:


Security seals and labels are used to protect and track pharmaceuticals, medical devices, raw materials, and other items during transportation and storage. They also help ensure proper handling of supplies and samples through identification for activity records and tracking.

We are providing medical facilities with security seals, tapes, and labels to help them comply with CDC regulations as well as requirements from local, state, and federal governing bodies.

Emergency services

Security seals and labels are used by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals to ensure their supply kits and essential equipment have not been contaminated or compromised in any way. They can also be printed with biohazard markers to identify hazardous materials for safe handling.


The transportation industry is expansive and nuanced, so there are many different functions for security seals within it. But the most popular use throughout the industry is protecting and tracking movement of products when being transported by road, rail, air, and ships. This is extremely important during pandemic conditions when tracking of PPE, testing supplies, and medication is of the utmost importance.

Food and agriculture

Security seals are used to transport ingredients and food products at all stages from farm to store shelves. It’s important to ensure safe handling and storage of these products especially during a time where there is concern about spreading disease and illness. Our seals are also used to verify the cleanliness and sanitation of transport vehicles after tank wash or other cleaning operations are done.


Our seals are used widely for utilities, gas, and fuel suppliers for safety and loss prevention. By sealing at the meter, substation, and critical control levels, there can be multiple levels of protection against tampering and theft. Typically, meters use a light tamper evident seal whereas equipment is protected by strong barrier seals like cable seals.

Some specific uses in the energy industry:

  • The nuclear energy industry uses advanced seals to protect radioactive materials during storage
  • Oil and gas companies use security seals to protect products during transit and storage, as well as securing valves
  • Gas pumps have adhesive seals to protect payment terminals from criminal activity


Heavy duty security seals are used by the military to safeguard parts and munitions during transportation and storage. They are also used for critical entrance points to facilities where access needs to be strictly controlled.

Law enforcement

When evidence is collected and crime scenes are marked, it’s critical that access is limited to authorized parties and that specimens remain uncontaminated. Security seals and labels monitor access to crime scenes, deter tampering of evidence bags, and secure weapons and tactical gear for safety.

Banks and money

Money and currency of different types is usually placed within bags, containers, and cartridges. These are hot targets for criminals, so even though they are transported in armored trucks, additional security measures are needed to prevent tampering or theft. Security seals are used by the Treasury and at all other federal and private bank facilities, including transit between them. Similar measures are taken when transporting and storing gold, precious metals, and gems.

Securing the seal supply

AC&M has established safety protocols and is adhering to the CDC, state, and local government guidelines pertaining to COVID-19. We are working hard to maintain the safety of our employees and customers, while remaining fully operational.

We are proud to be a trusted supplier to these critical industries during this challenging time, and always.