American Casting & Manufacturing Congratulates Spring 2023 Scholarship Winner, Levi Battaglia

American Casting & Manufacturing Congratulates Spring 2023 Scholarship Winner, Levi Battaglia

Posted by Steve Diebold

At American Casting & Manufacturing, we believe that a good education can provide one with the foundation to achieve tremendous success. In our efforts to support students, we have provided a scholarship opportunity. During each spring and fall semester, we award a $500 scholarship to a student that illustrates strong writing skills and academic credentials. We believe that this opportunity will ease the financial burden that students face, all the while offering them the support needed to excel in any major that impassions them.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Spring 2023 scholarship is Levi Battaglia. A University of Wisconsin Oshkosh student, Levi wrote an essay about the benefits of manufactured security products and tamper evident seals in business. It’s worth noting that scholarship essay entries can be focused on subtopics related to specific industries. These include, but aren’t limited to, food and beverage, agriculture, healthcare, and transportation.

In Levi’s essay that helped him win the Spring 2023 scholarship award, he spoke about the benefits of security seals in different areas of business. He began by using grocery stores as an example; when an individual sees a torn seal on a package of cookies or bottle of vitamins, said individual will understandably feel frustrated, returning to the store for a refund. Not only does this lead to a poor experience on the customer’s behalf, but it hurts business in general. This speaks to the importance of tamper-evident seals, which help monitor a business’s assets, resulting in fewer losses.

Levi also spoke about the history of security seals, dating back to the 1880s and 1890s. The first disposable seals were used in conjunction with railroad cars, allowing boxcars to be secured without having to use large or costly locks. With more contemporary seals, time would be saved when applying and removing seals. Furthermore, seals could be easily removed, allowing new seals to be applied while the previous ones serve as evidence of tampering. In fact, modern seals are designed to be easily broken, as they leave behind the aforementioned evidence. Levi utilized our Guide to Tamper Evident Security Seals for reference, supporting the points made throughout his essay.

American Casting & Manufacturing once again extends its congratulations to Levi. We look forward to your future and all the success that accompanies it.

About the American Casting & Manufacturing Scholarship

The AC&M Scholarship is open to full-time junior, senior, and college graduate students across all majors. The next scholarship will be awarded this fall and has a deadline of July 2023. To learn about the requirements, whether you’re eligible, and how you can apply, click here.