5 Most Preferred Padlock Seals For Easy Breakage Without Using Tools

5 Most Preferred Padlock Seals For Easy Breakage Without Using Tools

Posted by Steve Diebold

Hand removal of seals is often necessary, especially in an emergency. For instance, hospitals and other medical institutions have locked medication cabinets, crash carts, and a variety of other containers and equipment that cannot be opened or tampered with to ensure patient safety. It's vital that you get rid of these seals quickly.

Aside from this, passenger planes have sealed beverages and food containers that must be easily opened without the use of any equipment on board for safety reasons. The breakaway seal on fire extinguishers is also prevalent.

Many of these devices are inaccessible without the use of special equipment or, better yet, should not be utilized at all for reasons of safety. No tools are required to open the padlock seals made by AC&M, and they are available in a wide range of designs with a wide range of color, marking, and other customization possibilities. Moreover, listed below are the five most preferred padlock seals for easy breakage.

Model 8001 Padlock Seal

With a metal hasp, the most highly regarded padlock seal, model 8001, allows the user to break it off by stretching back and forth on the hasp. Compared to all-plastic padlock seals, this one is more secure and the least expensive of the padlocks that can be disassembled without a device. There are various more uses for this type of metal hasp seal besides utility meters, such as aircraft food carts. It may be used with any seal that has an aperture larger than 3/8-inch in diameter.

Model XPC-2 Padlock Seal

In addition to the metal hasp and scoring option of the model 8001 and a transparent acrylic casing on the body, there are a number of new features included in the more modern XPC-2 padlock seal. XPC-2 and 8001 have the same steel hasp, which can be stainless or galvanized steel. This seal's adaptability allows it to be used in a broad variety of settings, including electric meters.

Model 1001 and 1001 LH Padlock Seal

Acetal copolymer plastic is used to construct the basic 1001 and 1001-LH versions of plastic security seals. They appear to be simple, yet they are extremely tamper-proof. The uncluttered appearance makes it possible for the user to immediately spot any efforts at tampering or removal and replacement of the components. Because they are so light, shipping, storing, and handling them is a breeze. Meanwhile, a notch in the plastic hasp allows the user to break it more easily. Henceforth, devices that require immediate access, such as medical and emergency equipment, are particularly critical.

The hasp is designed to accommodate apertures that are at least 3/32-inch in diameter. It can be taken off quickly and easily by anyone, no matter how skilled or trained they are. If you want to include a tiny logo or other unique messages, you may fit it into a compact size. Furthermore, although the body and snap lock of the 1001 LH (Long Hasp) remain the same, the additional length allows the seal to be used in applications that need a longer reach.

Model 2001 Padlock Seal

With a slightly longer reach than the 1001, the 2001 has a 2-point snap lock that fits a similar seal aperture as the model 1001. Like the 1001 seal, this one is made of acetal plastic, but with larger and deeper dimensions to provide for a greater print area. In many cases, readability may be improved by using larger fonts. Many people prefer the tighter grip of a more rigid seal because the strong, bigger body creates deeper and harder confinement for the locking part. Taxi meter seals, electric switch lockouts, bulk material conveyor lockouts, cement truck discharge levers, and a broad variety of lids and caps are just a few of the many applications.

Model 7001 Padlock Seal

Model 7001 is referred to as "FAST SEAL" because it is designed to be installed and removed in a matter of seconds with only one hand. Originally, it was designed to be used with electricity "demand" meters, which are often replaced with new ones. One hand is usually used to lock the seal, while the other holds a clipboard.

Medical and commercial use of this multipurpose padlock seal is on the rise. An important use is the use of crash carts and pharmaceutical storage boxes. Other padlock seals, such as the Fast Seal, are also used on many of the aforementioned closures. Airline food carts are commonly sealed with this product.

Padlock Seals Have Infinite Applications

This wide range of padlock seals has countless present and future applications. For their affordability, ease of use, and robust tamper evidence, they are widely used in places where a lock mechanism is available. Sealing techniques may be developed using a wide range of sizes and kinds, as well as a variety of marking and color possibilities. This increases services such as tamper evidence, access logging, inventory management, operational or content indications, and much more with endless combinations.

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