5 Key Benefits of Plastic Strap Seals for Tanker Trucks

5 Key Benefits of Plastic Strap Seals for Tanker Trucks

Posted by Steve Diebold

Trucks transporting petroleum and other liquid goods are the lifeblood of the US economy, keeping essential industries running. To ensure the safe and rapid delivery of these tankers, it is necessary to identify their contents and protect them with tamper detection. One way to achieve this is to use advanced tracking and monitoring systems that can provide real-time data on the cargo's location and condition.

Additionally, the use of secure locking mechanisms and tamper evident seals can further enhance the security of these valuable shipments, providing peace of mind for both the drivers and the communities they serve. By implementing these measures, we can ensure the continued safe and efficient transport of essential goods that are vital to our economy and everyday life.

For this purpose, plastic strap seals are the most common type of security seal. Plastic strap seals provide the best security for tanker trucks and tank washes, as stated below. The tamper-evident design of these seals makes it easy to detect any attempts to access the cargo. Additionally, plastic strap seals are durable and cost-effective, making them a practical choice for securing shipments.

1. Flexibility for Secure Transportation

Because of their flexibility, plastic strap seals are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate several tanker closures. You can attach these to a variety of equipment, such as fill and discharge levers, metering devices, hatches, and valves. Having a versatile seal is crucial due to the unique nature of the vehicles and their tanks.

There are a wide variety of sizes, strengths, thicknesses, and lock types available for adjustable pull up plastic seals. Therefore, you can match appropriate seals to the various configurations across the tanker. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the specific requirements and regulations for each individual tank in order to select the most suitable seal.

For example, a tanker carrying hazardous chemicals may require a heavy duty plastic strap seal with high tensile strength to ensure the safety and security of the cargo. On the other hand, a tanker transporting food products may only need a light duty plastic seal with a simple locking mechanism for easy access during inspections.

2. Enhancing Readability in Tanker Operations

Tamper evident sealing serves the purpose of keeping track of the steps taken to install and remove it. For information control and tracking, legible markers are crucial. You can imprint high-contrast numbers, characters, or codes on plastic security seals, which come in a variety of vivid colors. This allows the user to quickly and clearly identify the information provided on the tag.

For example, a chemical tanker may require tamper evident sealing with unique serial numbers and barcodes for tracking hazardous materials and ensuring security. These markers would need to be easily visible and legible in order to quickly identify any potential tampering or security breaches during inspections.

By utilizing plastic security seals with legible markers, companies can enhance their ability to monitor and secure their valuable assets. Adding an extra layer of security can guarantee the safety and integrity of the contents.

3. Tracking Efficiency with Color Coding Seals

Color coding cargo seals can further enhance tracking efficiency by allowing for quick visual identification of different tankers and their contents. Personnel can easily determine which tanker requires access or inspection by assigning specific colors to different types of hazardous materials or shipments. This not only streamlines the tracking process but also helps to prevent any confusion or errors that may arise from handling multiple tankers at once.

If you require a seal that quickly identifies contents, owners, drivers, dates, batches, or any other information, you can choose from a variety of colors to implement a color coded identification system. Incorporating color-coded seals into the tracking system provides an additional layer of organization and security, ensuring proper accounting and handling of all shipments.

For instance, in a bustling shipping yard, you could designate red for flammable materials, blue for corrosive substances, and green for non-hazardous items. This color-coding system allows workers to quickly identify and handle each tanker accordingly, reducing the risk of accidents or mix-ups. Furthermore, workers can easily distinguish a tanker seal from other seals on the same site by choosing a unique color to indicate specific information like the contents or batch number.

4. Wide Variety of Options to Choose What's Right for You

For added security against human error or illegal usage of counterfeit seals, truck seals can feature a variety of distinctive markings in addition to distinct colors. These seals can imprint a wide variety of markings, such as logos, barcodes, QR codes, and combinations of letters and numbers, using hot stamp foil, laser, or permanent printing.

Markings can also serve as a visual representation of conformity with national and state organizations, as well as government authorities. For example, they can stand in for the necessary markings on combustibles, chemicals, food, medicine, and personal care items.

These markings aid in verifying the legitimacy of the products and prevent any tampering during transit. Additionally, truck seals with unique markings can aid in tracking and tracing shipments, enhancing security measures for both the sender and receiver.

5. Cost-effective Security Measures

Tankers and tanks require a significant number of seals due to their numerous applications. A single milk tanker, for instance, might go through a thousand seals in a year because they make multiple pickups daily from various farms, each requiring a new seal to guarantee the milk's integrity. Another good example are tank wash operations; each wash necessitates the sealing of the tanks to ensure their emptying, cleaning, and readiness for reuse.

Meeting quality standards while remaining under budget can be challenging due to the large volume of seals needed. One advantage of basic plastic seals is their inexpensive cost, versatility in color and branding options, and high tamper evidence compared to other seal types.

For example, a company managing a fleet of milk tankers might choose to use basic plastic seals to guarantee the tanks remain securely sealed after every wash. This cost-effective option allows them to meet quality standards without breaking the budget, as well as provide visual branding opportunities for their business.

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