Security Labels and Tape Growing in Use

Security Labels and Tape Growing in Use

Posted by Steve Diebold

Tamper evident adhesive film products have been on the market for decades. But the variations of types available, and overall uses for them, have expanded substantially in recent years.


Early adhesive security applications were mostly for documents and envelopes or boxes that held valuables or money. They were mainly for detection of tampering or theft. New advances in base materials plus specialty adhesives, along with digital technology for customization of print, have brought adhesive security tape and labels into a much wider range of fields.

An early catalyst for growth in sealing with security adhesives came after the infamous 1982 Chicago murders committed by poisoning Tylenol tablets in bottles on a store shelf. This brought the world’s attention to sealing all consumer products that are ingested. Then when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred security became a high priority in everyone’s mind. Especially for prevention of explosives or chemicals being placed in shipping containers or packages by terrorists. Often security tape or a security label is the only practical sealing option for an item being shipped.

Electronic banking and opening of casinos are two major reasons adhesive labels have grown in use. Now, some of the highest volume applications for adhesive security labels and tape are money cassettes for ATMs or casino machines, and credit card readers on gasoline/fuel pumps.

The development of security adhesives that do not leave residue behind have also increased the number of places they can be applied. Adhesive residue was a major barrier to the acceptance of this type of sealing because it was difficult and costly to keep items clean.


Security labels and tape are no longer only used for tamper evidence. The capacity to add information through traditional print plus bar codes, QR codes, microchip and other methods have made labels a multi-purpose tool. The label can be used for tracking and tracing, inventory control, date coding, identification, and collection of other information.

They have become a trackable part of packaging with both printed and handwritten information. The user can even adjust the functions of the label and write new information while the label is in use or in transit. Then a user can integrate the label into their internal data system and make it visible to stakeholders both on site and online.

The complete list of known uses for security adhesive products has grown long. Some other notable applications include: medical containers and for drugs and lab samples in storage and transport, rented hotel rooms and spaces after cleaning, aircraft doors when on the ground unattended, electronic devices like test equipment, computers, control boxes, evidence bags and property containers for law enforcement, lockers in various public facilities, ballot boxes and so many more.


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