Reliability Matters: How Sourcing Seals Through AC&M Protects Twice

Reliability Matters: How Sourcing Seals Through AC&M Protects Twice

Posted by Steve Diebold


The global supply chain depends on seals in multiple ways. It helps to identify and protect shipping containers, secure bonded and quarantined cargo, detect smuggling and theft, guard against potential terrorist acts, assure cargo integrity and purity, and so much more. It is common knowledge that seals are a key tool in monitoring and protecting goods in transit and storage.

Seals also protect infrastructure, the currencies of the world, critical raw materials, the containment of hazardous materials, medical and pharmaceutical products and devices, and especially our food and water. They are an essential product.

Our security is the primary role of a tamper evident seals and AC&M is a leader in producing seals, and an innovator in both product design and security practices related to seals.


If security seals were suddenly unavailable to these critical users, then providing that protection is difficult, if not impossible, to provide. It is important to question; what protects the supply of the seals that are used in so many critical places and what is the origin of those seals? Is my source reliable?

American Casting & Mfg. Corp is dedicated to a robust and centralized manufacturing operation that is under our control at the factory and headquarters campus in Plainview, New York. Here we store and control the many raw materials and parts that go into our seals. We are uniquely able to wholly produce our seals at our New York factory and keep our raw materials and parts stocked to strategic levels that mitigate potential interruptions in our supply chain.

We do not “farm out” large amounts of our manufacturing operations at offshore locations. In today’s uncertain shipping and supply climate the potential of interrupted seal supply is greater if the manufacturing process is scattered abroad and depends on international transport continually. Many seal suppliers rely heavily on seals and/or parts moving from one country to another before completion. AC&M keeps outside sourcing to a minimum for all but raw materials and the few items we cannot make at our main facility.

In this way we are protecting ourselves and our customers from potentially costly and even dangerous interruptions in their business and services that rely on seals for security.


When you choose AC&M as your supplier you are protecting yourself twice. First for the tamper protection purposes you buy and use seals, and secondly for the protection of your supply source. With AC&M you are not only getting the highest quality and service, but you also are getting the additional security of knowing that as your seal supplier will be there when you need us most. We have served our clients reliably for over a century, through 2 world wars, a great depression and now 2 pandemics.

When you decide who to buy your seals from, consider the critical advantage of reliability. Both in the performance you expect, and on-time delivery of the seals on which you depend.

We are suppliers and partners to thousands of seal users worldwide. We invite all to reach out to our expert staff and learn how our unique leadership role in this industry can provide the best and most reliable security seals and services for your needs. For information on our company and our seals browse through our web site at, or contact us online, by email, phone or however you prefer.