Making the Most of Seals

Making the Most of Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold


We discuss a lot of applications for seals here, and we offer a lot of seal options to fit each of them. But once you’ve picked the right seal for your needs, be sure you are using it correctly and getting the most protection possible for your assets, security, and safety.

Just having a seal installed does not end the job of effective sealing. If you want real protection and solid evidence of any tampering it is essential that you know all you should about using that seal. This applies to all seals for all uses.

A lot of theft, pilferage, accidents, and unauthorized access goes undetected and unreported. Sometimes that’s because the user did not know how to best apply and inspect the seals that were protecting their products, property, people, and assets.

Our web site has an excellent general guide to “best practices” in seal handling and use. The recommendations are crucial, but they are not specific to using any one seal type. Security managers need to learn that, and the people handling your seals need to know the right procedures for your seals to work effectively.


The first tip is to ask for guidance. We invented and designed the seals we sell, and our decades of experience can be tapped to help you be sure you are using them to best advantage. We have over a century of innovation and expertise in the seal industry. We want to talk to our customers and inform them.

In broad strokes the basic tips for effective seal use are simple:

- Keep good track of them at each step from arrival to end of use

- Maintain good records of each seal

- Make sure the people using them are trained in how to install them correctly

- Inspect them as often as possible and know what to look for when inspecting or removing

Because we make and sell hundreds of seal variations there is no single place to find instructions for all of them. We can guide you in using every seal type we make. To illustrate, here is one example of things you should know about one of our popular and most basic seals, unique to AC&M. The first in the model number sequence of plastic seals and one used over the years by the millions.

THE 1001

Our model 1001 is a very simple and light plastic padlock seal that can be stamped with letters and numbers and supplied in multiple colors. It is easily installed and removed by hand. Despite its simplicity and small size, it provides exceptional tamper evidence. Some of the best. It is easy to spot tampering on the 1001.

When this seal is installed, there is a distinct feel and sound as its locking tab snaps into place.

Then with slight pull and push the installer can feel movement of the plastic hasp inside the seal about ¼-inch (6mm) in and out. After a few tries a person learns how that feels and then can confidently check later to make sure the same slight movement is still there and is normal. If not, it needs to be examined for tampering. Meanwhile, the simple and smooth plastic hasp will readily appear altered or damaged if someone has attempted to cut and possibly glue it back in place at some time. It is almost impossible to hide alterations to such a simple clean surface.

In addition, it would of course be important to follow all other best practices by simply making sure the color, number and marks on the seal are those of the original and that it is installed where records say it should be.

With some simple instruction and guidance every seal we offer can become a powerful tool in tamper detection security functions. This translates into savings, safer operations, loss reduction and other valuable benefits to you.

TRUST AC&M TO SUPPLY YOUR SEALS Be smart about seals by relying on our knowledge and expertise in choosing and using them. Seals are our business and the professionals at AC&M are available to help everyone, regardless of whether you use small or large numbers of seals for your operations.

Contact us online, by phone or by email and let us know how we can help you get the best seals, with the fastest delivery in the industry and personalized help in getting the most value out of their use.