Light Duty Pull-Tight Seals - Model 3001

The Model 3001 is easy to apply and remove by hand. Ideal for ATM canisters, demand meters, liquor cabinets, hospital carts, zipper pouches, emergency kits and more. Stock seals are printed "SEALED" and consecutively numbered. Custom printed seals take up to 3 weeks.

Stock seals ship same day (Order by 1pm EST). Stock seals are printed SEALED and consecutively numbered. Custom printed seals can take up to 4 weeks.
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Product Information

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AC&M Model 3001 is an 8” light duty pull tight seal. This tamper evident seal can be removed by hand. Manufactured in the USA.


Insert strap into locking chamber and draw up tight. Record seal number and contents for later verification.


Model 3001 can accommodate up to two lines of text at 11 spaces per line, or one line of text plus a line of consecutive numbers up to 7 digits. Company logos are available.


Standard colors are Red, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Gray, Maroon, Orange, White, and Yellow.


Model 3001 is used for a variety applications including emergency kits, drug boxes, ATM canisters, medical cabinets, mini bars, liquor carts and emergency kits.

  • Pack
  • Model Number
  • Material
  • Box Dimensions
    13" x 7" X 10" / 4 lbs per carton
    36" x 14" X 9" / 40 lbs per case
  • Packaging
    1,000 security seals per carton / 10,000 per case
  • Strength Category
  • Usable Length
    8" Usable Length (8 7/16" Overall)
  • Breaking Strength
    14 lbs (6.3 kg)
  • Barcoded
  • Length
  • Application
    Agriculture/Food Airlines/Travel Fire/Safety Hospitals/Medical
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-ST-BL
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-ST-GR
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-ST-RE
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-BL
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-GR
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-RE
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU-1
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU-1-1
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU-1-1-1
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU-1-1-1-1
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT-CU-CU-1-1-1-1-1
  • BP_PLAS-3001-PRT
  • Classification
    Adjustable Plastic Seals