Inspectors Are Essential and Seals Are an Inspector’s Essential Tool

Inspectors Are Essential and Seals Are an Inspector’s Essential Tool

Posted by Steve Diebold

When things like elevators, commercial scales, meters, time clocks, alarm devices, fire suppression systems, medical equipment, food handling devices, water and sewage treatment systems are inspected, a tamper evident security seal is often employed. It is the inspector’s way of identifying themselves as the responsible party and providing other information like the date or type of inspection, status of the device, next inspection date, etc.

Similar inspection protocols using a tamper evident seal exist in so many areas of the world we live in. The food supply, our medical care, energy, transport infrastructure, electricity we use, and the water we drink all rely on quality, performance or purity inspections at various points.

We tend to take for granted that these everyday functions of our lives are kept working and safe by the efforts of trained and certified inspectors. A tamper evident seal verifies the inspector has done the necessary work to help us go on with life safely and to protect the integrity of things they inspect.

Inspectors who do this work are quietly checking and verifying their findings, but they need seals of multiple and varying types to fit each function. These include mechanical seals, adhesive labels, ink stamps, pressed seals and printed tags, and other tamper indicating devices. Each has its purpose in a specific industry and there are almost no limits to the variety of sealing and marking methods used.

AC&M produces seals for nearly every industry and enterprise and has done so for over 100 years. Inspectors often rely on customized seals, or individualized marking of seals, which is something AC&M excels at providing. Whether it is color coding or custom marking, or a space for writing information, we offer effective sealing solutions for all those challenging jobs.

People seldom see this work, or the seal securing it. We might notice someone has signed an inspection label on an elevator or a fire extinguisher in a hotel or commercial building. And you may see a seal on your electric meter or the valve on a building’s water supply line. Most of us have seen the stamp of a meat inspector on a large cut of meat. But that is only a fraction of places inspectors are working every day.

The details of the inspectors work and its effects on all of us would take a book to fully cover. And that book would put most people to sleep.

So, if you are not an inspector, you can simply be grateful these essential people are on the job working for us. If you are an inspector and want to know more about AC&M seals to help you do your job, contact us.

Our experienced experts are available during business hours in Eastern Daylight time zone by email, phone or online chat. Or, our web site offers comprehensive information, and the ability to order seals 24/7 from anywhere.