Four Reasons AC&M Seals Continue to Protect Cargo In  A Volatile Shipping Environment

Four Reasons AC&M Seals Continue to Protect Cargo In A Volatile Shipping Environment

Posted by Steve Diebold

Cargo security is a trending topic in this time of supply chain disruptions, increasing transit times and rising consumer prices. The problem is amplified by recent media attention. Theft has always been a challenge in the shipping industry, but national news has taken notice due to broader issues in the economy of inflation and supply shortages due to the Covid pandemic.

This is a complex issue and stakeholders deal with cargo theft on multiple fronts. While seals are a key tool in theft deterrence and detection, they alone cannot stop losses. They can be effective in the overall effort both for prevention of theft and for monitoring cargo to guide strategies and countermeasures.

Our seals help thousands who trust AC&M products for security and loss control in their shipping systems. We are proud to be making a difference. Here are some reasons why American Casting & Manufacturing Corp. is the company to choose as your seal supplier.


AC&M has been making and delivering seals to customers worldwide since 1910! We have maintained the supply of seals to the shipping industry through two world wars, multiple economic crisis, and now two pandemics. We are here when our customers need us -- manufacturing in the USA under the same family ownership and management through four generations.


We have unmatched capabilities to adapt and customize seals. AC&M is uniquely structured with close control of all operations to give fast responsive and personalized help, backed by real expertise. Knowledge and that comes with decades of serving thousands of private, government and military customers.

Shippers not only depend on our reliable supply, but also trust AC&M for advice on using seals effectively. We can suggest strategic rotations of seal type, marking, colors or other characteristics to deter thieves who use clone or look-alike seals to gain undetected access to cargo. The same variations are also helpful in tracking and tracing by identifying the seal for its purpose, source, destination, ownership or other characteristics. There are hundreds of variables that can be applied.

Those who would break open a truck trailer or container are deterred by barrier seals but not necessarily stopped. Shippers must take other steps to reduce exposure and risk while the seal gives them the tracking capability and tamper evidence they need for surveillance and countermeasures.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a useful brochure with theft prevention tips and excellent guidance to shippers which includes the use of the best technology in security sealing.


An effective sealing program will employ the seal that best fits the need. The majority of seals made for cargo are used for evidence of tampering or opening – known as indicative seals. But the shipping industry has moved increasingly to seals that require large tools to open. These are regarded as barrier seals. We specialize in both indicative and barrier seals

On the tamper evident (indicative) side we make some of the most effective seals available in all categories and of all materials. Plastic, plastic and wire and metal with wire, as well as some unique hybrids of wire and all plastic that only AC&M can offer. Our barrier seals of steel cable and high strength bolts are offered in a wide range of configurations to fit any conveyance.


Our centralized production, sales and warehousing facilities are structured to respond immediately to any urgent need and to deliver seals when they are needed.

A large inventory of stock seals is always available for immediate shipment, and we are leaders in rapid delivery of customized seals.

If there are ever the rare shortages of a specific material or seal type our expansive range allows us to substitute alternative seals to assure continuous supply of seals to do the job and keep our customers’ cargo protected.

Contact an AC&M seals expert for assistance or advice on best options, best practices, quick turn around and reliable continuous supply of seals needed for your logistics and shipping operations. We can be reached online at anytime or by phone at 516-349-7010.