Versatile and Reliable Wire Seals

Versatile and Reliable Wire Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

AC&M Leads the Field in Options and Innovations


Wire seals can potentially be used in almost any application where mechanical seals are found. Whether you need a seal for a large or small opening, and whether it must reach a few inches or a few feet, most of our wire seals will fit. Wire seals can fit openings of under a millimeter or greater. They can be threaded through multiple openings or just through a single hole. And many wire seals are among the most effective seal types for tamper evidence. Of course, wire seals are not appropriate for all uses, but they physically could work.

Some of the more common uses are utility meters, valves, drums, ATM cash boxes, test equipment, totes, post inspection of various instruments, machines, weight and measure devices, tanks and controls.

When customers have a challenging application like a large device requiring a very long band or tie the wire seal is a great solution. They also can be used to seal things like multiple handles, or valves or meters in a row, or a gang, saving the cost of multiple seals for the job.


AC&M manufactures the broadest range of wire seal variations in the industry. Our lineup includes common types, as well as unique wire seals invented by our experienced engineers. We produce lead & wire seals that crimp closed with a press, steel seals that snap closed with no tool, aluminum seals that crimp closed, and plastic seals with a no-tool metal locking system. We also produce our own twisted wires made of different metals in various configurations - described below.

We supply top quality crimping tools for both lead and aluminum, with stock and customized press dies.


Our CUP SEALS are a unique AC&M product that can be used as a wire seal or as a cover to protect screws or bolts. The advanced 360-degree multiple lock points make the Cup Seal one of the most robust deterrents to tampering among all indicative seals.

The model PSW97 Plastic and Wire Seal features a stainless steel locking plunger that snaps closed by hand. It can be made with transparent plastic, solid colors, or petroleum resistant plastic. Originally most popular for use on electric meters, the seal is engineered to withstand tough outdoor conditions over an extended time.


AC&M has been a world leading producer of lead seals for over a century, and still produces lead seals for some “legacy” applications. But with common knowledge of hazards in handling lead we offer many alternatives, and have been encouraging our customers over recent years to consider updating to these alternatives wherever possible. Gradually lead could be fully replaced. The two seals above as well as aluminum crimp seals are some options we offer.


There is almost no limit to the number of choices for wire used on our seals. We make both stock and custom wire in pre-cut lengths, or on spools, in 3 different metals. You can choose seals with no wire or opt for one of the many variations available.

Standard wire is made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper. These can be produced with up to 4 strands (ply’s). Bulk spools of 500 feet or 1,000 feet are stock items, but custom spool lengths are also available to suit the user. Numerous pre-cut wires in lengths from 6 inches and up are available from stock. We can make wires to custom lengths of pre-cut as well. Most of our wire seals can be made with the wire of your choice attached, inserted, or bundled with the seals.


No one knows more about wire seals than the experts at AC&M and we invite questions and requests for information or samples. If you want to know more about wire seals or anything related to tamper evident seals contact us.

Our experienced experts are available during business hours Eastern Daylight time -- by email, phone or online chat. Also our web site offers comprehensive information, and the ability to order seals 24/7 from anywhere.