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American Casting & Mfg. supplies seals worldwide to facilities and operations involved with nuclear fuel, nuclear energy, nuclear waste, and the operating facilities dealing with sensitive radioactive materials.

Application of seals for tamper detection in the nuclear/atomic fields ranges from power generating facilities, fuel production, storage, transport of radioactive materials, weapons programs, inspection agencies, handling and storage of nuclear waste, and a host of related operations.

These are some of the most sensitive and tightly controlled functions for security seals in the world. While security and confidentiality mandate that we do not publicly discuss specific users or methods, we can say that AC&M is a supplier to utilities, government agencies, international inspection and control groups, custom material transporters, medical equipment suppliers, and others who operate in this industry.

These seal users are a uniquely protective group, and they trust American Casting & Mfg. to supply their seals for many reasons. Among these reasons are; a long history, noted reputation, important technical certifications, the quality of our products, reliable service, and some unique products not available from other sources.

Atomic energy is one of many high value industries that must have a trusted source of tamper evident seals. AC&M has earned the trust of these advanced enterprises through more than a century of service. Our company has operated with integrity and professional stewardship of its humble role in helping secure and protect sensitive and valuable assets like currency, precious metals, munitions, and hazardous materials including nuclear products.

The continuity and reliability of a fourth-generation family owned and managed producer, making seals in the US for over a century, is a key reason our customers are confident in our capability to meet their needs with care and discretion.

Our formal credentials support the reasons our customers expect and receive the exceptional service and supply needed to do this important work. Some of our credentials:

  • US Gov’t & Military supplier registration: (CAGE) 6J629
  • United Nations UNGM registration: 168347
  • ISO Certification: ISO-9001:2015 for the manufacture of commercial and military seals
  • Supplier of High Security Seals Compliant with ISO-17712:2013 and C-TPAT.
  • Certified compliant with ISO-17712 Annex A - practices for making and supplying seals
  • Founding Member: International Seal Manufacturers Association (ISMA).

Additionally, AC&M maintains full control of purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, customer service, delivery, plus research and testing at our campus and facilities in Plainview NY. This centralization of operations makes it possible to maximize secure handling from raw material to finished seals, and to customize our service to meet individual needs seamlessly.

If you have questions about our seals, or want information about using seals in the nuclear materials field, or for any purpose, please contact us.

AC&M serves thousands of seal users government, utility, military and commercial entities of all types worldwide. We invite you to utilize and benefit from our 110 years in the seal industry, and a wealth of expertise. We are glad to assist with guidance, samples or pricing at your request.

An experienced seal applications expert is available any time during business hours. Contact us at our main office and factory: Email: info@seals.com Call toll free at 1-800-342-0333 in the US or 516-349-7010 from anywhere.

Or see our website www.seals.com for sales and service locations outside the US.