Seals for Personal Use

Seals for Personal Use

Posted by Steve Diebold

A Growing Trend, and Now Easier Than Ever

Tamper evident seals are no longer just for large volume users like commercial shipping, storage operations, utilities etc. If you ever thought you needed a tamper evident seal for any personal needs, you can get them.

Anyone now can purchase stock or custom stamped seals directly from the manufacturer in affordable quantities. You can buy as few as 100 seals stamped with your name and phone number, plus serial numbers or other information -- and shipped to your home or workplace -- for a myriad of uses.

Two popular seal types for personal use are plastic pull up seals like AC&M model AP-25, or a simple padlock seal like model 8001. These offer a wide range of optional colors and custom stampings. Adhesive security labels are also available in single rolls of 1,000 from stock and there are dozens of seal choices you may consider for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Some of the more common personal uses for security seals include:


Add a seal to your luggage to provide a unique identifier or to detect opening where sealing is allowed. TSA may need to open your airline luggage so consult the airline before attaching a seal in a closed position. Seals can be attached with the zipper or closure active or locked.


Whether at the gym or the club, at work, or in a public facility seals of the locker door can give you assurance that your belongings are as you left them. Or you will know if the locker was opened.

Tools and Parts

On some jobs you need to know that your tool box or parts containers were not opened, or that your power tools were not used while you were away from the site. Seals can provide that added certainty.

Storage Units

Whether on your property or at a public storage facility, a seal can give you added assurance it remained closed when you last shut it. Unlike using locks alone, which requires control of keys, a seal will give you the assurance a storage unit remained closed, or provide evidence if it was opened.

Heavy Equipment, Trailers and Sport Vehicles

Seals can help you to protect your motorized possessions are only used when you intend it.

The door or ignition can be sealed when you leave it for any length of time. This could be for your tractor, mower, 4-wheeler, boat, RV or any similar vehicle.


To order seals our online store is open 24/7 at where you are reading this piece. Here you can browse your options and make an online purchase with a credit card anytime. It works whether you are getting seals with stock marking or if you want them personalized.

If it is during business hours in Eastern time you can have a live online chat with a seals professional to assist in your ordering. If you prefer speaking with an expert, or have special needs not available at the web site, we encourage you to call Toll Free at 866-331-2592. (or 516-349-7010 from outside the US). We are known for quick and efficient response to all requests. And we are the fastest in our industry for delivery. Our quality is unsurpassed, but you will learn that quickly when you buy our seals.

When you call AC&M you are contacting a world leader in seals at the place where the seals are produced. You will not be dealing with an agency or distribution center. The seals are made in our US factory on the same property as our headquarters and warehouse. As our web address indicates, seals are what we do, and what we have done for over a century.