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With the resurgence of American manufacturing, the existence of the skills gap has become more clear. This gap has the potential to hamper the American economy, and some project the gap to continue to widen in the coming years.


The skills gap is an idea that has been widely debated, but what it boils down to is that there is a lack of the right persons, with the right skills, in the right locations, when it comes to filling manufacturing jobs. This doesn’t mean there is a lack of talent, or a lack of work ethics – it’s just a matter of finding these candidates in regions where manufacturing is prevalent, who can learn the ever-changing equipment. Studies have found that nearly six out of ten open skilled production positions across the nation are unfilled due to talent shortage.


Steps are being taken to address the growing skills gap – if they aren’t taken, the American manufacturing segment could face work slowing down or going elsewhere due to jobs going unfilled. This includes identifying internal employees who have been shown to be able to learn and advance.


One of the best ways to counter the developing skills gap is to put the benefits of a manufacturing career on display, and that’s why manufacturers, trade organizations, and business communities across the nation join together every October for Manufacturing Day.

  • One of the main reasons for the skills gap is a lack in key skills. Manufacturing Day events help to promote the needed skills, including technology and computer literacy, math skills, and problem-solving
  • Another reason for the skills gap is a short recruitment reach for the employer. This group effort allows them to expand into schools and community colleges that might not be interested in the company on their own. These schools and colleges have been identified by executives as being the second most successful talent base they recruit from.
  • Manufacturing Day also helps to spread information regarding manufacturing careers, information that might not otherwise make it to the right people. This includes the high median pay found in the manufacturing sector, the variety of available careers, and the long-term growth potential of workers getting in on the ground floor of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Day has been one of the keys to the growing interest in manufacturing careers in the younger generation, and the hope is that it will continue to help the talent pool grow for the future. This is certain to help to reduce the skills gap, and will help to make sure that manufacturing continues to expand. Join us at American Casting and Manufacturing, or any of your other nearby manufacturers who are part of the events of the day, and show your interest and support!