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For over 100 years, American Casting & Manufacturing has been delivering the highest quality high-security and tamper-evident metal, plastic, and adhesive seals to customers who are looking for the best security and service.

We supply standard and custom seals numbered and imprinted for any application, and we do so with a commitment to customer service, innovation, and cost effectiveness. With our wide selection of security seals, and advanced technology, we are able to help you with all of your security needs.

We have a proud history dating back to 1910, and it is with this history in mind that we continue to grow and advance the industry. When brothers Norman and Harry Wenk began the company in 1910, they were working out of a garage. They manufactured lead roofing washers that were commonly used as a sealant to fasten metal roofs on a building. Their business was a large part of the construction industry.

As they became more familiar with lead washers, their expertise grew to lead and wire seals. They began making lead seals with wires, and used them as tamper-indicating devices. This led to manufacturing seals that were used on railroad truck doors and other applications needing excellent security.

They became known for their quality seals, and the company grew, producing seals out of metal stampings, which were used for padlock-type seals, metal strip seals, electric and water meter seals and more. The Wenk family kept the business in Brooklyn until 1961, at which time they moved to Plainview, NY.

Today, we are a fourth generation family-owned business, with years of expertise. Norman and Harry’s sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons joined them at AC&M, and this family tradition is proudly kept alive today with a passion for delivering the finest quality products each and every time.