AC&M Excels in Customized Supply of Seals

AC&M Excels in Customized Supply of Seals

Posted by Steve Diebold

Variations in seal users’ needs for tamper evident security seals are as vast as the number of seal types and ways each can be configured and supplied.

As a leading seal manufacturer with over a century of experience, we have made buying seals directly from the factory a tremendous advantage to customers. We believe getting seals directly from the producer should be open to all users, both large and small. We strive to give every customer a professional and efficient buying experience, no matter their requirements or the volume of purchase.

Effective use of seals often calls for personal attention to a lot of details. And sometimes it just means getting first quality seals delivered quickly, with the least possible complication.

AC&M is proud of our ability to serve all types of seal users, and to meet or exceed their expectations.

We have a comprehensive program for rapid supply of pre-marked and pre-packaged seals for supply on immediate delivery basis. Meanwhile, AC&M’s experienced professionals work from a campus with state-of-the-art engineering, production, sales coordination and order handling. This allows us to give exceptional personal attention to customers with widely varied needs. All overseen and managed at our factory, warehouse and headquarters in New York to maximize efficiency.

Here are some of the customized markings, services, functions and options we offer.



The most common way seals are customized (after selecting the type and size) is the way the seal is lettered, or marked with user ID or information. The type of seal determines how much customized marking is possible.

For example, a flat metal truck seal like our FC1 is stamped. The stamping can be varied in numerous ways, but it is not well suited to images with high detail or complexity of print.

Meanwhile a plastic pull-up seal like our model AP-50 can be printed by laser or roller coating that allows us to print in detail, and include a lot of personalized marking and information on the seals.

Proprietary logotypes or stylized company names are popular print options. But adding instructional, safety information or seal control data is also common. Good examples are our model 8001 padlock seal with a large warning of 440 VOLTS of Electricity, or the PS360 bag seal printed with either a biohazard, flammability, or radioactive material warning emblem.

Other informational markings on seals indicate the function of the seal or the location of its use or the person or persons responsible for the seal. Additionally several of our plastic seals can be supplied with a white space for handwritten notations or signatures.

These are just a few of the many custom marking options available. We welcome questions and requests for a customer’s unique marking needs and usually recommend customization, especially for security reasons. Unique appearance of a seal minimizes chances for nefarious duplication or errors in identification by people who inspect them.


The majority of security seals contain serial numbers, and there are optional ways those numbers can be shown. The simplest is stamped or printed digits. But the numbers can also be contained in a barcode or QR code along with dating or other data.

Letter prefixes are sometimes used to identify a seal by department, division, location, or seal purpose. A good example is our CL-99 cable seal used on a valve with letters to indicate if the valve is open or closed, or clearly show what is flowing through the valve.

Prefixes also increase how many numbering combinations are possible, and can help inspection of them by distinguishing seals that might otherwise look the same.


Most seals are available from stock in multiple colors, and can quickly be made in a wide array of standard colors. In large quantities it is even possible to make a custom color for plastic, matching the customer’s specification exactly. Color coding is an essential function for many of the seal applications we serve.

Color variations make it possible to distinguish seals more quickly for inspection, tracking and record keeping. A typical use of color might be a plastic truck seal like model 4001, used in one color for empty trucks and another for trucks containing cargo. A user might apply a different color for each truck route or each class of cargo. Use of color coding is applied to seals for all industries.

It is also a good idea to change your seal color from time to time to increase the security of your seals. It deters the copy or duplication of a seal or re-use of seals that were already cut open. People attempting to steal without detection are known to use discarded seals which they can use to replace seals already destroyed to gain access. They give the appearance of a seal still in place after closing a container or door. If the seal color now in use has changed, a discarded seal of another color cannot be used as a substitute.

While plastic seals are known to have the widest variety of color variation, new technology has made color coated metal seals more available. Plastic coating, anodizing, and roller coating are now available for many of the metal seals we offer.


AC&M offers various standard packaging options for many of our products, but if a special packaging configuration is needed we can also meet that requirement to help our customers internally handle their seals or manage inventory control.

This might include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Inner packs of bags or boxes inside master cartons
  • Mixed models or colors in the same carton
  • Special labeling of packaging to identify content
  • Plain packaging for resellers
  • Custom pallet quantities

We also have extensive modern warehousing capabilities to assist in inventory and schedule planning including services like:

  • Pre-scheduled shipments on weekly or monthly basis
  • Drop shipping to multiple locations
  • Warehousing of reserve stock
  • Monitoring consumption to recommend ship dates

… and much more.


AC&M serves thousands of seal users in government, utility, military, transport, and commercial entities of all types, worldwide. We invite you to utilize and benefit from our 110 years in the seal industry, and our wealth of expertise. Please contact us with questions or further discussion of your needs in seals for any aspect of trucking applications.

An experienced seal applications expert is available during business hours in multiple ways. Contact us at our main office and factory: Email: Call toll free at 1-800-342-0333 in the US or 516-349-7010 from anywhere.

The AC&M web site also offers an online store where you can purchase seals 24/7 in the US.

LIVE CHAT with a seals expert, is available during US Eastern Time business hours.

Our web site now offers a wealth of information. You can find all of our locations, full data on our latest products and other useful information. Also find office and factory locations, contact information, and full data on all our current products. We are glad to assist with guidance, samples or pricing at your request.