Posted by Steve Diebold

The AC&M models HS75, and longer version HS115, have over 135 lbs (61.25 kgs) of breaking strength and advanced features like no other security seal in this category.

Originally developed as a high strength cargo seal the HS75 is used for a number of applications that call for exceptional tamper evidence and extra durability. It is a modern plastic replacement for the metal ball seals used since the 1800s on rail cars and trucks, and still in use today.

Metal car seals have some potential negatives where sharp edges could be damaging or where the environment is corrosive to metal. Meanwhile the HS series of seals can do the job of a metal ball seal with comparable strength and resistance to tampering.


HS75 has an advanced lock system with multiple gripping points for added strength and positive closure. A proprietary retaining feature inside adds continuous pressure to the lock and prevents tampering by force or accidental opening by impact and vibration. Also, a molded raised ridge at the entry point to the lock body deters inserting tools or devices to tamper with the lock, without leaving clear evidence.

Meanwhile, the smooth and clean surface and contours of this seal help to see any signs of attempts to force, manipulate, alter or cut the seal.


Though very precise, strong, and highly engineered on the inside, the reliable HS seal is quite simple for the user. It is easy to lock, easy to view markings, and easy to transport, stock and handle. The user can perform simple monitoring or tracking, and thorough reliable inspection throughout the time of use. Fixed length seals do not require adjustment as do pull-up seals, so locking is simple. Just click them in place and check to be sure they are fully locked.


Though originally developed to be a cargo seal for trucks, etc., the number of uses for HS75 and HS115 continues to grow. Application on valves and storage handles is common, especially where cleanliness is important or where metal or wire is not safe. Metal being a spark hazard, and also susceptible to corrosion by some chemicals, the High Density Polypropylene of HS seals make them a perfect alternative to metal.

The smooth edges, along with strength and durability make this a popular seal for tagging or sealing animal skins, protected species, and other animal products that are monitored or controlled. It is also used where valuable fabric, art or other material is sealed for tracking and tamper evidence. It is less likely to cut, tear stain or corrode as can metal seals in these and other applications.


If you are looking for a superior plastic seal with a fixed length check out the HS75 & HS115. We invite you to tell us about your seal needs for any purpose.

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