AC&M Seals Proudly Made in the USA

AC&M Seals Proudly Made in the USA

Posted by Steve Diebold

The American Casting & Manufacturing family takes great pride in our 111-year history of manufacturing the highest quality security seals at our state-of-the-art production facility in New York.

We are a supplier of seals to all industries and every continent on the globe (Yes, our seals are used in Antarctica.) But naturally we are especially proud of our history of supplying security seals to US markets because it is our home and our place of origin.


Many companies in the United States claim to be “US producers”, while in fact only a handful of companies manufacture seals fully on US soil. And AC&M can claim to be the leader in US seal manufacturing. The number of types and total volume of security seals we make here is unsurpassed. We produce over 100 different seal models and variants wholly in our New York factory. We only rely on imported components where essential, which is a fraction of our product output.

Other US seal suppliers mostly import fully finished seals, or pre-made seal parts, which are re-packaged, labeled or assembled in the US and then called “domestic” product. Many seal users may not know they are buying imported seals, or that they are not really buying from the original manufacturer.

If you want to know the source of the security seals you are buying, just ask if you can see the factory. If you are in the US you should not need a passport to see your seals being made. We will be happy to make an appointment to show you our factory. (Except certain proprietary, protected and advanced technology areas.) The entire operation is on the same premises as our headquarters and main office, in Plainview New York. Our consolidated and well-coordinated production, assembly, packaging warehousing, sales and service complex is part of our strength. It also represents the purest definition of US ORIGIN.


A lot of things have changed since AC&M started in 1910. Through unimagined world events, AC&M has proudly remained a leader in security seals. Owned and operated by 4 generations of the same family, we have always served our customers with focused pride. Through two world wars, two global pandemics, periodic worldwide financial upheaval, continuous shifts in trade and transport, and extreme shifts in alliances and governments abroad…we were there. AC&M remains the company to trust for quality and reliable delivery, time after time. And we will continue to be that reliable source through whatever is next.

Especially with the uncertainties of today including climate change, trade battles, an ongoing pandemic and any number of potential natural disasters, it is likely we will see further disruptions and shifts in business and trade. We have always adapted to the challenges and will continue to do so. AC&M is the best choice to be your trusted supplier of seals through whatever lies ahead.


We excel in quality, service and delivery, and are at the top of the seal industry. That alone should be reason enough to buy seals from AC&M. But when considering where you buy your seals, also keep in mind the immeasurable value of a continuous reliable supply. Running out of seals can be costly.

There also is added benefit for buyers in the USA (and all North American buyers) because along with reliability and quality, they are getting locally made products that support this economy. That is a source of pride for us, and we hope for our customers as well.

If you are not already a customer and want to buy from a trusted industry leader contact us for more information. Our experienced experts are available during business hours in Eastern Daylight Time by email, phone or online chat. Or, our our web site offers comprehensive information, and the ability to order seals 24/7 from anywhere.