AC&M Seals Protect Our Food Safety

AC&M Seals Protect Our Food Safety

Posted by Steve Diebold

When going to the store for groceries people can have confidence that the food and beverages they buy are pure and safe to eat. The packages are clean and clearly marked with a list of ingredients, expiration dates, and other useful information. They are made and delivered under stringent rules. Various government and private agencies set these standards and rules and work hard to maintain their integrity throughout the supply chain.

Security seals are used from end-to-end in the food system. Starting at farms, whether dairy, meat, produce, or grains there are storage or delivery systems with seals to assure the content is not contaminated or tampered after loading. Seals are also used to identify specific items, or verify equipment is correctly cleaned and safe for use with the food it is handling.


If a tuck is loaded with milk leaving a farm, you typically will see a seal on the hatches on top of the tank, and on the discharge valves. The truck arrives at the processor with certainty that it is as pure as when it left the farm. The processor then uses seals to identify tank contents within the plant. Seals also go on tanks to verify cleaning was performed, or to control valve access to discharge and move various dairy items during the processing. Then when finished dairy items are shipped from the processor each load is sealed to assure purity in transit.


When bulk meat, poultry, or fish is being processed it is sometimes tagged with a seal at the point of entering the plant. Then after preparation and cleaning it is put into sanitized bulk totes to move to either freezing or fresh packaging. Then when packaged and loaded for transport it is put into a truck which is sealed to assure the contents are not tampered during transit. Then at distribution warehouses foods are re-loaded into sealed trucks for delivery to your grocery store.

High Security seals are used on all modes of food transport including rail tankers, international ocean and air containers, boxcars and more.

A similar set of safety measures is found in all food industries including beverages, produce, dairy, grain, meat, seafood, and more. Suppliers of frozen prepared food, confections, baking supplies and everything else you see on the grocery shelf have some part of their process that employees a seal to assure the integrity and safety of that product.


Our range of innovative seals and advanced manufacturing systems lead the industry. With over a century of experience and exceptional quality, service and delivery food companies large and small turn to AC&M for their seal needs.

We are known for our fast and professional service with priority on customizing our help to each customer’s needs.

If you are a food or beverage producer, carrier, distributor or retailer we invite you to contact us with any questions about seals for food safety in your operations. You can call, chat online at our web site, or email us with questions. An experience specialist is available to help with technical advice, price information, samples, or whatever you may need.

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